Can’t create a new Message to someone from Inbox

As it says — I was trying to direct message a user from my message inbox, but I don’t see an option.

I can still do it by flagging a post, though.

Did something change? Or did I forget how to message? Lol

No idea, but maybe they have PM disabled?

You can try sending me one to test. I have PM long disabled.

Your profile is hidden plus you have PM blocked, so I couldn’t possibly message you no?

Update – I could message them by replying in an old PM, but still not to start a new message.

Wait – I just checked if it was a mobile vs desktop issue and I couldn’t on my phone, but on desktop the “New Message” box shows up on the left.

You can test with me (I don’t have PM disabled). If you can’t do it from your inbox, you can click on my avatar and select “Message.”

I just found the option for (un)hidden public profile, under “interface” menu. Had not occurred to me to find it there.

Hope someone else can help you better. Also, odd that the site works differently on phone and on desktop. (But I’m not a phone user so I wouldn’t know…)

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Yup, shows up for you. Maybe it was a blip. Thanks!

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