Can someone help me with a wine pairing

I’m serving pork milanese – boneless pork chops pounded thin, flour/egg/panko breading, pan fried. On the side, roasted acorn squash. I’d really appreciate a few pairing suggestions; chances are I’ve got something on hand that will work. Thanks!

I’d have hard cider, dark beer, or white Zinfandel. But I am a rube whe it comes to wine.

Thanks! None of those three are high on my quaffing list. :wine_glass: I opened a nice red burgundy and it worked just fine.

Well, obviously too late here, but I will say I wouldn’t have thought about a red Burg . . . glad it worked. I’ll have to keep that in mind. Although I often pick red to go with “the other white meat,” I would have picked a white with this preparation – an Arneis, perhaps, or something in a lighter-styled Chardonnay or Pinot Blanc from the Mâconnais or Alto-Adige . . . actually there’s lots to choose from.

I actually thought about a white, and briefly considered opening a nice pinot grigio, but somehow, with the roasted acorn squash, it was feeling more like a lighter red was in order.

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