Can no longer view HO on my Android phone

Was there an update to the site in the last day or so? I am no longer able to view Hungry Onion on my phone’s Chrome web browser. It loads the page, but the page appears blank.

Yes there was a major software update on Monday.

It’s odd, because it seems like a specific set of Android Chrome tests passed (s7, chrome). Can you share what device you are using and the Android and browser version? Are you able to access with other browser on the device? Are you able to access Can you access the page with an incognito page? How about clearing the browser cache?

Are others on android with chrome able to access? Or have trouble?

I am on an old phone, a Samsung Note 4. I know it’s been updated to whatever was the last Android available on the device, but they stopped making updates for it a while ago. I updated my Chrome to the latest version from the Play Store. Firefox Focus, my preferred browser, also gives me a blank page. Oddly, the super outdated browser on my phone simply labeled “Internet” displays the site, but there are issues here and there when actually trying to use the site. I installed regular Firefox yesterday and that works, so that is what I will use.

In the situations I get a blank page, the site also does not work. I verified the page does load (using a view-source: thing on Chrome) but displays as blank. Incognito mode does not help. I did clear all history and cache. I cleared whatever I could from the Chrome Settings menu, then went to the Application Manager, hit Force Stop, and cleared everything from there. Oddly, sometimes I will see the popup encouraging me to share What’s for Dinner, but it’s doesn’t display 100% correctly and behind it everything is blank. I wish I had captured a screenshot.

Again, regular Firefox works for me. I know the software behind the site is written by volunteers and you all spend your free time running the site, so I can’t complain.

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Odd. Its not looking good if you can’t access I don’t know if its a conscious decision to de-support that version of Android/ browsers. e.g. my real old Ipad can’t render the site properly.

the software is opensource, and its developed by a company, so it isn’t written by volunteers.

Thanks for correcting me on the open source aspect.
Fortunately, Firefox works for me so I’m okay with that. Very odd that Firefox Focus doesn’t work, though. I would think the basic browser would be the same between the two.