Can Kyoto's Buddhist Cuisine Teach Us to Eat Better?

Published 4.5 years ago but new to me and going on my Bucket List.


Nice one. Thanks.

I especially went to Koyashan for the experience. Stayed a couple of days at a temple. The temple lodging package came with meals, authentic Shojin cuisine, and you could only bathe in a communal bath at a certain time. Japanese tatami room has walls/partitions so thin you could hear a flea cough, and sitting on the floor to do every thing was back breaking. Even after 6 straight weeks of it I still couldn’t get used to sitting and sleeping on the floor.

It was a great experience. Would like to do it again but at a different temple. The more “high-end” the whole package the more (creative) food you get (but it depends on the people who make it, obviously. There’s a website you can fill in your budget and types of facilities and they’ll suggest a number of temples to choose from. Not a Japanophile but I kind of understand why, cuz Japan is one of those rare countries I have little to dislike. The top reason why it’s not my number one country is the smoking. When they finally ban and strictly enforce it Japan will be number one on my list.

I never knew tofu could be so exquisite until I ate it in Japan. Oh, I also ate a meal that only consisted of fermented or pickled vegetables (in Nara - between Kyoto and Osaka). It was also brilliant.

Only creative uses for vegetables and many ingredients, but no faux meats/seafood.

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Thank you so much, Presunto. I wondered (stupid me) if you had been :roll_eyes:

But, sleeping on the floor??? Maybe I better thing this through a bit more!

Absolutely not. We all know how to eat better. We just don’t do it.

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I had a vegetarian Buddhist meal at a vegetarian restaurant in Kyoto, my only dinner in Kyoto.

It was interesting, but it was also my least satisfying restaurant meal in Japan.

I’m sure better , tastier Buddhist
Vegetarian restaurants exist, or maybe I ordered badly. Also, it was late January, so maybe that limited the ingredients.