Can I double a pie crust recipe to make two double crust pies?

I need to make two pies for Thanksgiving. Can I double a recipe for a two-crust pie? So can I put double the ingredients in my food processor that will give me enough dough for 4 single crust or 2 double crust pies? Or is it better to make one batch of dough at a time?

I normally use store bought dough but have decided I need to make my own, tastier from scratch pie dough from now on!

When I do this I usually make them in separate batches. I think 4 crusts is too much for the FP imo. Good luck with the scratch pies, once you get a good recipe, it’s worth it and just as easy.

Agreed it will depend on the size of your FP. You want enough room that when you pulse the butter and flour that that can happen quickly enough to maintain some larger pieces of butter for a flakey crust.

That said, if you have room doubling the recipe should be fine. Pie crusts are actually fairly forgiving that way.

I always make enough crust for two double-crust pies. That’s how I got the recipe originally so I just always did it that way. It takes 4 1/2 C Flour & 1 2/3 C Shortening & the FP seems to handle it just fine. I usually freeze the second crust for another time.