Can anyone help me identify this yellow sweet pepper?

I grow primarily " frying peppers " like cubanelle and cows horn (corno di toro red and yellow, Carmen and Escamillo), for sweet, and then poblanos, Fresnos, Serranos, and this year Hot Portugal. Chinensis are grown separately.

There were some tag mix ups, but I thought it might be Nassau, a cubanelle, or Krimzon a paparika,

Its the green one in this picture

but its ripening yellow, and sort of boxy.

It has also been suffering from a nutritional defiency from the outset, when none of the other five in the earthbox were.

In any case, its attractive, and it tastes good. Sweet, not spicy or hot.

Maybe Pepper Quadrato D’Asti Giallo!
I think that’s it! I did start these seeds, but didn’t realize I had planted one out.

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Got no idea… maybe crop the photo and Google it.

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Yes! Thank you. That’s what I did!

I thought I plantec Corno di Toro and Giallo, but I’ll have to check.

I checked.

Note to self; save seeds!

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When I first saw the green one, before scrolling down, I thought it looked like Quadrato d’Asti Giallo, which I’ve grown many times. The plants can get quite tall. The pepper’s skin is thin. The flesh medium-thick with a rich sweet taste. Because the peppers have high shoulders, the top of the fruits can hold water after a rain, so they have a high rate of rot here, unless protected. In Italy, a lot are grown in open-sided greenhouses.

There’s also a red form: Quadrato d’Asti Rosso. Both are delicious, salads, kababs, you name it. I use the immature green peppers, at the end of the season, for stuffed peppers. Here, a mini hoop-house roof is needed to keep the fruits dry.

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