Campton Place

I had dinner at Campton Place this week and all four of us were very impressed and can’t wait to return. We had the 9 course chefs tasting menu and the Indian flavors were a treat. There have been a few reviews, and the restaurant received it’s second Michelin star this year, but I was still able to make prime time reservations a week and a half out. Patricia Unterman’s review was glowing, and since I will never write like that, I’ll just add a link and say that I agree with her high praise.

One person in our group didn’t eat some of the meat courses and asked the kitchen to substitute the course with something from the vegetarian menu. The vegetarian courses were excellent, in one case even better than the meat course the rest of us received. I wouldn’t hesitate to try the vegetarian tasting menu.


Oh, thank you, your review is really helpful. Yours is the first non-food-critic review I’ve seen on CP. Sounds like the ideal place to take one of our friends for a special treat, he’s a long-time vegetarian. Hard to find a place where I can take my carnivorous DH and our friend and keep both of them happy!

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