Cambridge/Somerville MA vacinity

I’d like to get a couple of gift cards in the general Camberville area, although a little distance away would be okay. One of the couple is vegan, so availability of vegan dishes is pretty important. Also, a decent beer selection is a definite pus. Thanks for any suggestions!

Oleana has gift cards and they have been accommodating in the past to make their vegetarian tasting menu a vegan one.

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Sarma. Field & Vine.

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Well, fooddabbler and uni, I was leaning toward Oleana and Sarma but wanted a little more input. Field and Vine wasn’t on my radar, so right now, it might be a gift card to eat of the three! I’m open, though. Thanks for your suggestions.

We had good luck with vegetarian friends at Viale, but I don’t think vegan would work well there. I would second Sarma and Oleana. We found vegan options at Moona in Inman, but actually didn’t feel like the dinner overall was that great so I hesitate to recommend it, but others’ experiences have varied. Finally, there’s always True Vegan Bistro in Teele Square, Somerville, but it’s been years since I’ve been there and can’t vouch for the current quality.


For your Vegan friends I’d strongly recommend True Bistro in Somerville. Very nice place with an upscale atmosphere and very creative vegetarian and vegan food. If you go try the “cheesecake “ for dessert,


Hi there RoyRon…it’s been a while. So glad to hear that True Bistro is still a good place to go. Like @Parsnipity, it’s been years since I’ve eaten there (and had a truly pleasant evening all around). Now if I could only convince B to accompany me…


True Bistro was the first place I thought of, but we had been there together before (and really enjoyed it) and I was looking for something that might be new to them. We’ll definitely head back there again, though.

Well, I ended up getting the cards at Sarma and Bisq. I’m putting Field and Vine at the top of the list for places for us all to try together in the near future.

Someone on Chowhound had suggested Roxy’s Grilled Cheese for a vegan sandwich and the A4 Arcade for games, and that sounded like a fun and creative night. Unfortunately, Roxy’s doesn’t have gift cards, at least at the Central Square location, and the arcade wasn’t open when I was there in the late afternoon, so it didn’t work out.

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Viale is a good suggestion. My husband and I have really liked our meals there and I bet they could do a really tasty vegan pasta. I’m guessing the house-made pasta has eggs in it, but dried pasta would work well. Also, thanks for the Moona input. I usually forget about it, but have been curious.