Cambridge, MA, TJ's to stop selling alcohol

With supermarket liquor licenses limited to seven locations per chain, they have decided to transfer the Cambridge license to the Allston store.

Little more complicated than that since the liquor license is a Cambridge license and can not be transferred to the City of Boston:

for what it’s worth: the ts at assembly square has beer and wine.

yes, as the article states, the plan is to transfer the TJs Cambridge license to another Cambridge store, Salt and Olive.

In case anyone else is confused the Cambridge store referred to is the Memorial Drive location. The other Cambridge store at Fresh Pond never sold alcohol.


Yes, the FP store is small, and I was wondering where they’d stashed the booze.

Rather like the space Hi-Rise occupies. It was once a liquor store (which license Hi-Rise inherited) that also rented porn. But you had to be in the know, and go behind the curtain at the back, to get to it. I was wondering if TJ FP had a curtain that had eluded my keen nose.

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