California’s Timeless Veggie Sandwiches Have One Key Ingredient

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@Meekah’s comment reminded me of the article.

Anyway, the comments on the NYT piece are interesting: had no idea of health concerns related to alfalfa sprouts.

My favorite “Timeless Veggie Sandwich” is technically a pita sandwich: cut pita in half. Into each pocket add cream cheese, avocado, sweet onion (like Walla Walla), and yes, sprouts.


What I thought of immediately when I read that article 10 or so days ago, was my friend, the sprout hater (she thought they tasted like hair) who would take them off her sandwich and deposit them in the ashtray. Looked like a Chia Pet.


I was surprised to read of the health concerns as well. I’ve grown my own for years without issue.

My fave veggie version:

Cream cheese
Cukes (if you got 'em)
Avocado (if you can afford it)
…on honey-wheat

When I was in college - close to half a century ago - I could get a sandwich at the campus deli with the first four toppings (no cukes, no avo) on whole wheat for 25 cents. I ate a lot of those sandwiches.


Truer now more than ever.

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Why the ashtray, though?

It was a convenient receptacle, and I guess she wanted the gesture to seem slightly dramatic.

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I saw that article. Made me smile - until I read all the comments about the dangers of sprouts. I’ve been denial for a long time …


I’ve met many people who haven’t heard of the health risks of consuming raw sprouts.

I had a coworker who was receiving chemotherapy. I saw her eating raw sprouts and warned her. I was surprised that her doctor hadn’t earned her.

I was at the grocery store today - avocados were $1 each while a 1 lb. package of Romaine lettuce hearts was $8. EIGHT DOLLARS A POUND FOR LETTUCE. I remarked to my husband that Caesar salads are about to become the new avocado toast…


Good lord. I haven’t seen an avocado under $1.69 in a while, but I can still get a head of Romaine for for 2ish dollars.