CaliDumpling - San Diego [plus Nor & So Cal)

I just tried this frozen dumpling home delivery service, and was pleasantly surprised.

They have different websites for the three main regions they serve, and I think there are similar options in the Bay Area and greater LA, but it’s the only one I’ve come across for SD.


Generous filling and size
Smooth website ordering
Doorstep delivery


Packaging could be better for the freezer - the bags are pretty thin (I’ve double bagged them to prevent freezer burn)
Took a couple of weeks for me to be able to order - their website showed “sold out” despite having once weekly delivery dates by neighborhood (I emailed, they said it would reset that weekend for the foll week, but it was 2 weeks before I could, for delivery the 3rd week)

I’d encourage folks to give this a try.

Pricing seems reasonable vs restaurant (I looked at DTF for comparison, assuming the quality would be higher than Convoy St options and I’m willing to pay a slight premium anyway for cooking them fresh) - 30 to a bag, $17-19 depending on the type.

The xlb skins were slightly thicker (ie not DTF style but comparable to others I enjoy in nyc) but the flavor was better - and “clean” (chicken stock inside). The (HK) wontons are more filled than restaurant versions and really delicious - reminiscent of siu mai flavor. The homestyle dumplings were as expected, but the skin wasn’t too thick and there was a good amount of filling.

Flat $10 deivery fee.

I tested a couple of each upon delivery (yes I know I’m cooking everything but the xlb “wrong”, but I didn’t want to dirty another pot :joy:)


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Thanks for the tip @Saregama. :slight_smile: Interesting.

In the L.A. / O.C. region we are blessed with so many mom & pop shops that do handmade dumplings, I didn’t even think about looking at any services that would do a full website / delivery service. :sweat_smile: The downside is that you have to drive out to specific places to pick them up.

I have been trying to patronize businesses that popped up during this period - especially when it dovetails nicely with what I like to eat :joy:

Their story is that they are employing restaurant workers who didn’t have work.

But we do takeout from local places too, because we want those to stay in business!

In LA there are several other similar options - I think these guys popped up for me because I was searching, and now I keep seeing LA options :woman_facepalming:t2:

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Hi @Saregama,

That’s awesome that they’re employing restaurant workers that are out of work into a delicious, delivery option. Thanks for the info. :slight_smile:

If I’m not mistaken, this is led by the Luscious Dumplings family.
I’ve sent these to my staff as gifts during the pandemic. They quite enjoyed them as the instructions were easy to follow.

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You know more than me about the origin then :slight_smile:

I’ve really enjoyed them - the filling is flavorful, and the wrappers are well done.