Calabrian chile/chili paste in the Boston/Cambridge MA area?

I am looking to replenish my supply of Calabrian chile paste. I found a bottle at Ocean State Job Lot last year but have run out. I checked the Waltham location the other day and couldn’t find any. Capone’s in Somerville has the peppers, but no paste. It is quite convenient to keep a jar in the fridge. I emailed Formaggio and Farfalle in Concord but didn’t hear back. Any leads other than Amazon? Thanks.

Christina’s may have it. Worth a call.

Good suggestion! Will do.

Maybe Whole Foods? And there’s always online - Amazon and both have the paste.

I checked at the Fresh Pond WF a couple of weeks ago and didn’t see it. Of course, I may have overlooked it. They do offer it through Amazon Prime, but it doesn’t look like Amazon fulfills it so it would take a while. I was hoping to have some within a few days in case I want to make a quick but tasty pasta dish for company.

I noticed that Williams-Sonoma sells it online, so maybe they have it in stock at the stores. That could be an option if Christina’s doesn’t sell it. It is pretty delicious.

I have a bag of Calabrian chilis and I am trying very hard to remember where I found them. Unfortunately, the bag has the price, but not the name of the store. I really am thinking I found them at either Arax or Sevan. But since I am not absolutely sure, you might want to give a call before heading to Watertown.

I did check at Sevan for the jarred paste and didn’t see it, but will check out Arax the next time I’m there. Maybe I’ll pick up a bag of the dried to have on hand. I’m often in that area. Thanks!

I can’t help with where to source, but would you share your pasta recipe? (And what else do you do with this paste?)

I have been adding a spoonful in place of crushed red pepper to kale or other greens with onion, garlic and white wine or to liven up a soup or a pasta sauce.

The quick recipe is a simple one from Giada, with the addition of a couple of cloves of garlic and fresh fusilli in place of the dried penne. It’s definitely more than the sum of it’s parts and good for a quick meal. The chili paste and mascarpone are a nice mix.
Of course, it’s best with in season fresh corn cut off the cob, but it’s obviously too early for that.

Well, how’s this for being responsive to your customer base? I emailed Dave’s Fresh Pasta and they said that they don’t currently have it but I could check back in a couple of weeks because they are looking into getting some to carry in the store. I love Dave’s.


I purchased Granoro brand at Russo’s not too long ago

Oh, good to know. I must have missed it when I looked the other day. And I was just there last night! Do you remember more or less where it was in the store?

I don’t remember and me indicating lower shelving doesn’t help much. My instinct is to say near tinned anchovies in first room.

Thanks. I’ll ask if I can’t find it, and report back.

Those both sound delicious; thanks!

Here’s a follow-up to my original post. I ordered some from Amazon after not being able to find any locally. I never did find any at Dave’s so I’m guessing they didn’t order it. I couldn’t find any at Russo’s after scouring the store so I’m not sure they still have it. Capone’s, Wegmans and Pepe Bocca all carry the chiles, so that is always an option. Giovanni at Pepe Bocca even said he’d make me some paste, which was really nice. I really need to make my way to his store. It sounds great.

Yesterday, I went to Bricco Salumeria for fresh pasta and their Panetteria for excellent bread, and stopped by Salumeria Italiana to check. Lo and behold, they do carry it! They actually had a couple of brands of hot chile paste, but only one specified that it was Calabrian.

By the way, both Bricco places and Salumeria Italiana validate parking at the Parcel 7 garage right across the street from the North End, so it’s great to pay $1 for parking while shopping at such great places.


thanks for reporting back! glad you found it.