CAJUN AND CREOLE - Fall 2023 (Oct-Dec) Cuisine of the Quarter

Mr. B’s New Orleans BBQ shrimp served over chile, cheese cauli grits.


So glad it worked for you.
I may have to make some tomorrow!

That sounds so much better than the porridge/hominy I am sure to be offered visiting family next week.

Here’s another good recipe.

Or this! Cornmeal pancakes are the only pancakes I enjoy. I might try this shortly.


Nominations are open for December COTM:

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Head Chipmonger gives a behind-the-scenes look:


Shrimp and sausage gumbo following this recipe more or less:


I finally got around to making my Cajun pasta. The funny thing is the recipe I use says it serves 8. There were four of us and not a morsel was left. I pulled out the wrong home made Cajun seasoning, this was the ‘spicier than I like’ combination. I had half a serving, too spicy for me.

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Here's the finished product.


I adore Cajun and Creole cuisine. I was born and grew up in Lafayette, Louisiana and still have family there. On our visits, my sister and I plan every meal (including breakfast) so that we can hit all our favorites. This year, we were looking for a good cracklin place-- it’s not a treat we grew up with, but we thought we’d try this Cajun specialty. Not only did we find a good cracklin place, but we found a drive thru cracklin place. Here’s a photo of the drive thru menu at Billy’s Boudin in Scott:


We always pack a suitcase full of food back. Ingredients are key to Cajun and Creole cooking, and I find them hard to obtain outside Louisiana, especially the sausage and boudin.

Red beans and rice, chicken and andouille gumbo and shrimp creole are on regular rotation at my house. My favorite recipe for red beans and rice is Paul Prudhomme’s-- the ham hocks and the thyme, in particular, really add something. Here’s a link to his recipe:

We just ate the last of the gumbo yesterday, but if I make it again this month, I’ll try to post a photo.


Our host there always brought gas station boudin and Meche’s donuts to the conference room where the Community Coffee was always in the pot.

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Meche’s is on our must-eat list when we go. My favorite boudin is not from a gas station but from Hebert’s specialty meats, which is about a 20 minute drive outside of Lafayette. They make an awesome crawfish-dressing-stuffed boneless chicken that I try to bring back, too.


It’s been a long time for us, likely so long that the donut case once lit/warmed? with a dangling bare bulb must be long gone? So long, that we just figured out Antler’s is no longer but at least Prejean’s and Don’s still seem to be cooking and serving.

Don’s closed their downtown location but the one on Johnston is still busy. Meche’s now has multiple locations, and they serve up hot donuts several times a day. I miss that food dearly.

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Talk about Good was one of my first cookbooks. I made my first gumbo from it, and when my dad tried it, he said, “This tastes a lot like gumbo.”


We noticed Don’s departure from downtown, and still were glad to see it’s carrying on. As for Meche’s, we were apple fritter fans because to our palate they well complemented boudin:

I had that cookbook, once.

:rofl: That is F*#@^&* hilarious! :joy: