Cafe of love Mt kisco NY

Someone treated me to dinner here on Saturday night. I haven’t been since right after they opened years ago and it kind of went off my radar for a long time.

At 6:30 it was subdued and quiet (ideal for the older folks in the group) but by the time we left it was really loud. So go early if noise is an issue.

Service was not good. The waitress was way overextended and it seemed like they were short staffed. She also seemed pretty unfamiliar with the menu although she was very sweet and accommodating. I do not fault her, but the management.

The menu has lots of options at different price points and there are quite a few healthier options which is nice. They pride themselves on local meats and produce, which I always appreciate. The complimentary bread was hearty and served with an herbed white bean spread. The burger was not especially impressive-- quite dry-- but the omelet with Swiss and herbs was pretty as a picture and fluffy. Small plates were more impressive-- an excellent creamy Mac and cheese, well seasoned wilted Swiss chard and a vegan corn chowder that was creamy but creamless.

Dessert did not impress at all-- the peach sundae had two sad peach slices. The Soco ice cream was delicious though.

I would probably go back.

Thanks. We have not been there in years as I was underwhelmed. Back when I went you had to go to a table in the center for your bread and parm. I found the tables uncomfortable. The waiters were always pushing the pricier wines, etc. I don’t think I’ll try it again, I get like that!

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Thanks for the update - It’s been a while since I’ve been there as well for a sit-down meal. I remember that self-serve table for the bread and bean dip. I do takeout every once in a while because I crave their truffled chickpeas. I’ve tried making them at home, but I can’t quite duplicate the addictive flavor of theirs.

Yes. To say we were underwhelmed the first time is an… understatement . :yum: I remember that bread table too. That is no more. No pushy waiters either. File this one under: I would not make a special trip but it is nearby and not bad.

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I can’t eat chickpeas but that does sound delicious. I think I’d like to go to the bar and have a cocktail or two and some of the small plates.

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I had a better dinner here the other night than my last meal. In fact it was very good.

We shared six of the apps/smaller plates, a first course of three followed by three more. The spring menu appeals to me immensely… Thank God winter seems to be gone.

We got there at 7:45 and it was buzzy but not too loud. Had it been ten degrees warmer we definitely would have sat outside but a two top by the window was cozy and private once the tables around us left.

The beer list is kind of sad-- they have Abita listed under “local”-- I think they need to get the local focus going on their beer menu too to go along with the food menu. For our first course, we had a lovely beet, orange, greens, and feta salad with a really creative yogurt dressing with turmeric and cilantro. Some crushed nuts added texture-- a perfect spring salad. Alongside that we had the fava guac (I’d’ve loved even more fava) with crispy housemade chips. The highlight was the fish soup with a “little” (per the menu) cream that certainly tasted like more than that. There were chunks of salmon (I think) and shrimp and the base’s flavor was many layered. We devoured this.

For our second course shared the pork tacos (fine, but nothing special), the meatballs in a creamy vodka-like sauce (excellent sauce), and my favorite, a riff on lowbrow spinach artichoke dip but served n a flat bread. This was fantastic. It cooled quickly but that didn’t stop me from eating every bite.

They don’t seem to excel at dessert, but it was fine, an almond croissant bread pudding with crème anglaise, served fresh out of the… Microwave, which meant uneven heating. Can’t hold a candle to Fortina’s, but what can, really!

Anyway overall this was an enjoyable meal and their spring menu has way more on it that I’d like to try so we’ll be back.

PS, @winecountrygirl my husband specifically mentioned how uncomfortable he found the tables. I think because he’s tall it bothered him more than me but I noticed that if I wanted to cross my legs there wasn’t room under the table to do so. I love the faux country French decor they have going but yeah the tables not so much!

Yes, we sat at that table in the window when we went years ago and it was uncomfortable. Glad you enjoyed it this time!

Cafe of Love and Ladle of Love in Mt. Kisco have closed permanently.

I know the cafe was under new management starting about 2-3 years ago. Maybe they’ll just change the concept and reopen.

To me, no loss. Both spaces will probably end up another couple of 'little" restaurants!!

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What do you mean about it having been under new management? It was still owned by Leslie Lampert.

When I was there 3 or so years ago and had a significantly less than stellar experience, I sent them a detailed email. Many months later, I received a reply from a gentleman saying that the cafe was under new management and he wanted an opportunity to make up for my disappointments. Make of that what you will. Maybe she hired a management company.

Never tried them ,but-
Apparently no love lost over their closing

I guess “under new management” could also just mean that they changed managers.

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FWIW, Leslie posted the following message on social media. So perhaps she has plans to reopen with a different concept.

On our closing: It has been our great pleasure to serve the love for more than ten years. Thank you all for the privilege. We hold your beautiful emails and messages dear, and look forward to seeing you all in the next chapter. Stay tuned.

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