Cafe Loret, Red Bank Status? [NJ]

Went by the restaurant yesterday (Oct 10), curtains still closed but now signs in the windows. Getting new furniture/equipment or closing? Rare to see the place more than 1/4 full between 6-7:00pm on Fridays nights when I always drive past on my way for my Friday night pie at New Corner. I never went due to being totally put off my never getting a response to numerous emails about their menu.


An auction does NOT say “reopening with new furnishings” to me, but who knows?


can’t say I’m shocked. Hugely disappointed by this spot. Never made it there as the consensus formed prior was totally negative. I don’t get what the chef’s plan was here, it was terrible service, stuffy/tired menu, sky high prices. For a chef with such great rep this was a complete fustercluck. So sad as I had hoped this would set a new bar for high end in RB and kick some other place in the a$$ to step up. Instead it’s another post n the doomed spaces thread. Sad to see any place go, but hopefully a new non-McLoones spot comes and does something here. Can someone convince Drew or Chef Ron to open up a spot?


No…no…no it doesn’t. Especially if you go to the web site for the auction company and they specialize in bankruptcy auctions! Also if you look at this specific auction a restaurant that is just “updating” doesn’t auction their coffee machines, toaster, plates, pots and pans.

Given the fact he has another location it would seem some of this equipment could be used or kept as back up, so this whole thing spells either he abandoned and bk’d this location or the landlord locked him out and seized it.

Never something I like to see but as metsfan said, I’m not shocked at all.


And yet, on their phone yesterday they were accepting reservations…

Rumor is that some high end pizza place is looking at the space.

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What is a “high end” pizza place?

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