Cafe LA Haye in Sonoma, CA

We just had a great meal at Cafe LA Haye in Sonoma.

This is our third time and we agreed we need to go more often. The owner Saul Gropman greeted us at the door, and later asked if my meal was okay, since I was hoarding a pork chop and some garbanzo beans to take home.

Oregon Bay Shrimp Cake, arugula, chipotle aïoli, basil oil

Ahi Tuna poke- a special

Marinated Beet Salad with blue cheese, frisée, red onion, haricots vert

Paul’s Mixed Little Gem Salad with prosciutto, white anchovy, George’s farm egg, champagne-dijon vinaigrette

Risotto today was spinach and sundried tomatoes- very good. No, excellent

I had Miso Glazed Duroc Heritage Pork Chop
warm bacon vinaigrette, chick peas, lentils, blue lake green beans. The garbanzo had just a hint of tart, and a hint of sweet.

My husband ate vegetables and nuts!
New York Strip, collards in a red wine sauce, shrimp and grits. One of tonight’s specials

Trout, arugula, and onions- one of the specials

For desert an insanely rich flour less chocolate cake.

Strawberry sorbet


And an amazing almond cake with salted caramel ice cream. We got not one, not two, but three additional pieces. I say we but really husband. And it had nuts! Usually I get nuts when I don’t want him to share.

We spent the last week dining out in Carmel and Monterey, and this was our favorite.

I plan to try making the almond cake and garbanzo at home.


Another great meal at

Cafe LA Haye

We both started with salad; mine butter lettuce, bacon, blue cheese, and a runny egg. Husband had chopped romaine, olive Caesar salad dressing, and crumbled feta. Both good.

After tasting someone else’s risotto last time I was willing to risk a bit of retinopathy, and it did not disappoint! This time with parmesean, leek and truffle. Husband had the pork chop, this time with cabbage, wild rice and I think caramelized pear.

We finished again with almond cake and salted caramel ice cream.

Staff wore masks, and service was as great as always but spacing was a little tight.

When my husband asked for extra dessert to go, the waitress said " I thought I recognized you!"

Happy valentine’s day!


I haven’t been in Sonoma for ages but really enjoy the town. I loved the town center (I hope I am thinking of the right place) and the cheese shops and boutiques. :drooling_face:

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Sounds right to me ; this restaurant is about about one block from the square.


Another great time at Cafe LA Haye!
I had the rissotto with melted leeks, shrimp, and we also had the petrale solebut must have missed the picture!
Arugula salad with pancetta, blue cheese, “6 minute egg”; a special.

I think this was the little gem salad

Scallop appetizer and little gem salad

Coffee and Ice cream thingy…Afagatto!

Almond cake with salted caramel ice cream. A favorite.

Again with the insanely rich flourless chocolate cake.

Great service; good time.


Rinse and repeat!

Another great evening at Cafe La Haye; this time for my daughter’s birthday. It is so nice to see the familiar faces of the staff and folks that seem to be locals.

All of the specials sounded tempting, as did the menu items. I had the ahi poke , youngsters (30+!) Had fried cauliflower, husband had chicory salad with persimmons, almond, feta; a good choice! Son had a cream based mushroom soup.

We always try the risotto of the day, which was broccolini and lemon EVOO today. For a minute I thought we would ALL order that, but I went for the pork chops with gnocchi (which I am about to finish), son had spiced chicken and husband had petrale sole served with a fried softshell crab.

Of course we had the warm almond cake with salted caramel ice cream. (Husband likes his on the side :roll_eyes:), but one of us had and enjoyed the cheesecake.