Cafe Gratitude owners eat meat, customers freak out

Cafe Gratitude owners’ meat eating angers some patrons of California vegan chain.

There’s an entirely vegetarian restaurant near me which we go to from time to time. The chef/owner isn’t a vegetarian. It matters not a jot.


Northern California, Harters. Northern California!

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West Didsbury, Cath. West Didsbury

My point is you can get some very rabid vegans in NorCal. VERY. Take no prisoners type. While living in SW Oregon (The State of Jefferson would include NorCal and Oregon) we had a big party. In addition to all manner of foods I had set up a “salad bar” which obviously was a focal point. A vegan neighbor arrived, kinda gave everything a sniff and said “is there ANYTHING here I can eat?”

My point was similar. If you were going to set up a vegan/vegetarian place anywhere in the metro area, then it’d be in West Didsbury. Although I take your point - rabid vegans I can do without.

Off-topic, but she wore leather shoes and rode in a leather saddle :frowning: