Cafe Escadrille/Burlington

Anyone been lately? Meeting Friends and relatives there for dinner. Updates and comments? Haven’t been for decades.
Want to Enjoy,

The good news is that the white nursinghome shoes are gone. I have been for their Boston Dine Out lunches and the food is OK albeit under-seasoned. Their lunch Chirashi is good and good value. It’s a bit weird having sushi in that place. The age group is still the same. Sorry, haven’t been for dinner.

I’ve been to several corporate/continuing education functions there in the past few years. The food on the catering/function side of things may be different from the regular a la carte service (for your sake I sincerely hope that’s the case) but I’m sorry to say my dinners were pretty lousy. My expectations for those kinds of meals are low, but Escadrille fails to meet them. Think: second tier country club wedding circa 1985. As a point of comparison, I’ve had some better-than-they-needed-to-be function meals sponsored by the same company at Strega Prime in Woburn.

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A friend wanted to celebrate a birthday with dinner there two weeks ago.
We were both underwhelmed. Both of us dine out often. My first clue was a sad salad with vinaigrette that tasted off. Did we enjoy one another’s company ? Yes, we did and our server was a delight. Will I go back? No. There are too many other options in the area to both enjoy your meal and your dining companions.


That is a telling clue. The salad aside, vinaigrette should never be off-tasting.

Looks like I’ll be taking one for the team. Too late to back out.
Will Try To Enjoy,