Cafe du Nord

Has anyone been since they reopened with full kitchen?

I’ve stopped in a couple of times for drinks but never a full meal.

The menu appears to be pretty limited (oysters, burger, fried chicken and lamb shank which doesn’t seem to be listed oddly) but photos online look very good. I’d love to get some feedback if anyone’s been.

Both of the times that I’ve visited, the dining room was completely empty, which wasn’t exactly reassuring. I kind of got the sense that it’s still primarily a watering hole/venue with late night noshing; is that fairly accurate an impression?

I’ve been curious to try their food and I’m contemplating dragging my friend along who’s visiting from L.A., but I’m wondering if we should eat elsewhere first and stick to the bar to be safe? I’m always hesitant about bringing anyone to a place I haven’t first experienced myself, so any input would be much appreciated!

I’d also really love to know whether their fried oysters are any good, as that’s a big guilty pleasure. Do we go for oysters and cocktails or a full sit-down meal?

Looks like Cafe du Nord is transitioning back to being a music venue:

Wow, I’m happy that it’s turning back into a full-time venue because there’s no shortage of fancy burgers and craft cocktails in this city. That said, I’m gonna try and swing by on Thursday evening for drinks (and maybe a bite too)

I tried going a couple of times, was always shut out by private parties. Ended upstairs, which was fine but nothing great.

Yes, yes, a music venue would be much better.

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