" Cafe Broadway, ( HK cafe style food ) - 9021 Leslie Street, Richmond Hill " - First impression...Love at first bite!

Located a couple of stores down from ‘Chi-Star’. I first encountered this relatively new Hong Kong cafe style eatery whilst picking up take-outs from Beefing #7 next door, a short while back.

Eager to give it a try after seeing plenty of my favourite HK style fusion comfort food featured on their menu. Today, I ordered a take-out luncheon combo from them. For $20, I received a generous container of " Baked Ox-tongue rice in white cream sauce casserole ", complimentary HK style Russian Borscht and a HK style milk tea.

Based on impact of my first mouthful of the exquisite tasting food, I think I have just discovered my most favourite HK style Cafe in my neighbourhood ( Richmond Hill/Markham/Thornhill ). IMO, better than Macau Street, Richmond Court, Dicken’s, Ho Garden, New City…etc.

The fork tender ox-tongue smothered and crowned with a most delectable, rich white cream sauce was the best rendition I have tasted here in the GTA. The HK style Russian Borscht has the correct amount and balance of sweet, sour and spiciness. The taste profile exudes a welcoming, exotic, aromatic, commercial gaminess last came across by me in authentic establishments in pre-Covid Hong Kong! The milk tea, silky smooth, creamy and flavourful.

With such excellent tasty food, no wonder the restaurant was still packed around 3.00pm!! I cannot wait to pick a less busy time and have a sit-down meal at their airy, bright and contemporary decorated dining room.

Lastly, I am at a lost to see some posters actually giving this place 1 & 2 stars out of 5 in the Google review, citing ‘NONE’ of the food tasted good??!! Are you kidding me? :thinking: :thinking: :frowning_face: :frowning_face:


My favourite comfort dish - ’ Baked Ox-tongue Rice Casserole '… Giving another preparation method a try - Thick Tomato Cream Sauce. Equally delightful and enjoyable!

Interesting use of sweet, tiny Pineapple bits by the chef to balance the tangy-ness of the Tomato sauce!