Cafe Bella, Randolph, MA

Have been trying to get into this restaurant for many years, only to show up and find an hour and a half wait. Saturday night for the first and only time they took reservations, as it was St. Patrick’s day and thought they would try it. Well, we snagged a table for two at 6:PM, and when we sat down the place was already 3/4+ full. By the time we were half way through apps, there was a waiting list. This is the best Italian on the South Shore, bar none!
Started off with great bread, focaccia and crostini with their delicious EVOO/hummus dip (you can’t stop eating this). My wife had the grilled shrimp and avocado app, and I had the grilled calamari (oh boy!). She then had the carbonara which she proclaimed was like eating in heaven. Said it was the best she’s ever had (she’s ordered that everywhere). I had the gnocchi w/ sweet sausage and tomato sauce. Excellent! Took half home. Desert was Chocolate torte w/biscotti ice cream. No need to say more about that.
Cocktails, wine and service were right on. Very good wine selection. FREE PARKING!
Did I mention this is the best Italian on the South Shore.
Really Enjoyed,


Glad to hear Cafe Bella is still going strong. I haven’t been there in years, but it used to be a regular favorite. It is a good compromise location with south shore friends when they don’t want to come all the way into the city. I can say that they waits are nothing new.

I do remember that bread dip (awesome), and recall antipasto being very good as well.