Cafe 28 Egyptian in Ocean Twsp

We tried Cafe 28 in Ocean Township today for lunch. It’s in the same shopping center as Piccola Italia and Babur Garden. There is an extensive menu of Egyptian and Mediterranean dishes. Some of the items look the same on the menu as in a Turkish or Lebanese place but they definitely use different seasonings and have a different flavor profile. We were served by the owner/chef who was very welcoming and seems like a good guy. Cafe 28 used to be in Red Bank but we never went when it was.

We tried a chopped Mediterranean salad, a couple of dips with pita and while they do not have a mixed grill on the menu they have many types of grilled meats over rice. We asked him to make us a mixed grill with a little of everything so we could try them and all and he was very accommodating.

Everything we has was very good and we will definitely return. The service was very good also. They had 3 types of homemade ice tea, orange, passion fruit and vanilla, all unsweetened which were great.

We really enjoyed lunch and it was a nice to have a something different from the usual greek or turkish flavor profile (which we love).


Nice, I’ve been meaning to try this place out. I had no idea they were Egyptian. Then again I guess I have no idea what Egyptian food is.

I hate that they take the pita sandwich off the menu for dinner though. Bayroot does this too. Grr

Try the chicken cairo. I really like that dish for lunch.

On a side note, do you guys know of any good quail around here? The last quail I had was at a Turkish place in ny. I am craving some.

Up North, a few months ago, Laurel & Sage, in Montclair, had an amazing special of cast iron seared quail medallions, with wilted watercress, gooseberries, & romanesco, in a whole grain mustard jus & brown butter.

Another time they had a special of Elk, with quail stuffed with creamed spinach, pine nuts, and golden raisins, and Russian potato salad with beets, and quail eggs on top, in a foie demi sauce with fresh blackberries.


Wow…you don’t see elk on too many menus. I have to check this spot out. Thanks for the info Eli.

I want to smoke some quails but I have clue where to find them around here.

Yes, that was the first time I ever had elk. It was a real treat. It was cooked perfectly medium rare, with a nice sear on the outside.

D’artagnan sells quail.

Thanks Eli. I have to investigate. If I do some quail I’m smoking at least 10 birds. Maybe I can get some mailed to me instead of trekking up north. After being a prime member since the start, it has made me super lazy. I like getting stuff in the mail lol. Apple wood will be my choice.

You’re welcome Johnny. D’artagnan is currently having a 30% off freezer sale until Sunday, so if you are interested, now is the time.

I might have to try and get there. I’d prefer some fresh quail but that might not be an option. I’ve never smoked any but I’ve had some smoked birds and they were delicious!

They also sell fresh quail, but it is not on sale. You can order it online, & they will overnight it to you, packed in ice.

If you’re willing to drive up north this place usually has fresh quail (check before driving). They have good quality stuff.

A lot of NJ restaurants source their poultry from Goffle Road Poultry Farm.

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Thanks Jeff. If I get up there I’m definitely grabbing a pheasant or two as well. I appreciate the tip.

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You might try chicken frying a couple. I’ve done that with freshly shot quail down here in Texas.

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