Caesar Salad - Happy Centenary


Fun article. Thanks!

I remembered Julia Child reminiscing about the origin of Caesar salad. Indeed, the article mentions her introduction to the dish:

”In a 1975 book, Child recalled going to Caesar’s as a teenager and watching Cardini himself as he “rolled the big cart up to the table” and “tossed the romaine in a big wooden bowl”, the San Diego Union-Tribune noted. “I can see him break two eggs of that romaine and roll them in, the greens going all creamy as the eggs flowed over them.”

Child called it “a sensation of a salad’.”


A good Caesar is a thing to behold. I make both a raw egg version & a mayo-based, but prefer the raw one.

I read something earlier in the week that said the origin story might be a bit different, as in the recipe was based on the recipe of a server or cook’s mother. But that’s a less glamorous story!

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I just love ‘a good Caesar salad’ and will only eat one made at home. Too many experiences with bad ones consumed outside of the home. I have made a similar salad, but I won’t call it a Caesar, with dino kale. Really good.

The very best one I’ve had is at Zuni in San Francisco. Perfection. I forget how many cases of romaine they go through in a day. At home, I make a pretty good one using Serious Eats dressing recipe, minus the anchovies. Homemade croutons make it special.

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I looked up the Zuni website; Caesar salad is now $19 and there’s an automatic tip charge of 20% shared by all workers + 5% SF Health.

$23.75 for one salad