Caché, Paris 20

Last night I was joined by some HO members at Caché in the 20th arrondissement. It is up an alley that abuts the eastern border of Père Lachaise and is a short walk from the charming Charonne district. This is a fish place exclusively, so if you don’t eat fish, ignore. If you do eat fish, I think you may have interest in my report.


Onz: thank you for finding this place for our meal and even more of a thank you for the detailed write up. Your words are saving me from the work and allowing me to only have to say that it was a very enjoyable meal, made more enjoyable sharing it with you and Carmenere. Although not easy to find, I too would make it a recommended stop for anyone who loves fresh fish prepared well.

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I will have dreams about that turbot for a long time.

Sounds really lovely. Thanks again, onzieme, for the write-ups.

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