Cabot ice cream/restaurant in Newtonville (Boston)

so I was driving down Washington st in Newton (Newtonville - not sure where the boarders are) and passed this bland building with Cabot Ice cream restaurant posted on the side. I had no idea such a thing existed or if it is even affiliated with Cabot.

Anyone been? From reviews it seems like a version of an old diner type place (I’m thinking a la Friendly’s but I have no idea).

I don’t think it’s affiliated with Cabot, and while it comes off as olde timey diner, I think it’s from the 80s. The food is fine, diner/Friendly’s is a good comparison. Fine for quick bite if you’re in the neighborhood, definitely not worth traveling for. The breakfast stuff is pretty good. The star is the ice cream, it’s very tasty, and there are long lines in the summer.

I think that’s been there since the 60’s. I have never been–my family always went to the one in Wellesley, but that one closed probably 25 years ago.

Friendly’s is a good comparison, though I think the Ice Cream at Cabot’s is a little better. The Sundaes are definitely the highlight of Cabot’s. The food is okay, but nothing special.

The place itself is pretty fun - it really does feel like a bit of a timewarp, especially if you have some nostalgia for similar diner/ice cream places.

If you mean the “Cabot” as in the Vermont dairy, no, it is unrelated. There are lots of Cabot-named things in that part of Newton (a school, a park, a street, etc…) As hurm said, there’s no reason to travel there for food. They serve Richardsons ice cream, which is quite good, as well as having a variety of froyo + mixin options (including fat-free and sugar-free).

Thanks all for the input. I have to check it out. Sounds like my nieces and nephews will love it.

Been around since the late 60s. Really nothing all that special, just a standard NE dairy bar. Gets plenty busy in the summer, but I’d take Toscanini’s or Racantore’s any day over Cabot/Richardson’s. They opened one up just down the street in Newtonville!

I totally agree. And what did they open down the street, Tosci’s or Ranc’s? Please do tell.

I live , not a mile from this establishment and it has its place.

Newton has fifteen elementary schools, four middle schools and two high schools.

This place is the epicenter of post sports finals. swimming, volleyball, softball, basketball, you name it.
It might survive just on this alone , but the clientele during the day skews to seniors, so around lunch it is always busy and employs a bunch of cheery, similarly clad, employees .

The ice cream is quite good and you can get it in almost any guise, hot fudge sundaes, cabinets,
or banana split.
Digging into the menu yields some old school gems.
They make a very good Patty melt ( which they call a “WOW’” burger, but a fish by any other name…)
and a Franks and beans plate, comes with two franks and brown bread.
From a can, but this is almost 2020.
If its not busy i have asked and received a couple of fish cakes ( fresh fish, not salt cod) on top of the whole mess and paid extra for.

Shepards pie has no lamb, all chicken dishes seem to be unexciting breast preps, they seem to be competent with their breakfast dishes but I find breakfast stupid and wonder why people dont just cook it at home for substantially cheaper, so I am not an expert on this.

If you want a classic sundae after an afternoon movie in an environment that makes you think its still 1980 , its a ok choice . But for lunch, you can do better

Also live nearby. Although we enjoy the occasional stop for ice cream, much prefer Ranc’s or Morano. The owners seem a bit grumpy most of the time, and make sure to count your change. The owner, in particular, seems to “forget” a 5 or 10 with some regularity.


Yeah, I guess I’m spoiled in regard to my expectations for a NE dairy bar, having grown up in Manchester, CT with the infamous Shady Glen down the street from my house.

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Oh, thanks, SciChick. Ranc’s is great, but we give the edge to the wider selection of bolder flavors at Tosci’s. We’re quite close to the Ranc’s in Lexington Center, and enjoy it, but are even happier when we hit up Tosci’s in Central Square. The Chocolatex3, or whatever it’s called, is really rich and decadent. I’ve read that Gus Rancatore really prefers to let the flavor and texture of the cream shine through, which I respect, but I do like the flavors to pop sometimes.

Toscanini’s is great, I think that’s my favorite place. I used to go there a lot when I lived and worked in C. Square. Always a big fan of the green tea or banana ice cream.

Yes, I certainly prefer Tosc’s as well…especially since Ranc’s doesn’t make a burnt caramel ortholog! But I was referring to what my choice would be in that area of Newton specifically… :slight_smile: