Cabo San Jose and Cabo Pulmo

We spent MLK weekend in Los Cabos. We didn’t have time to hit the farm to table places, but found some good alternatives that fit our schedule.

La Lupita Taco y Mezcal has a broad taco menu, with inventive tacos based on flavors/preparations from all over Mexico, and I was skeptical they’d be able to pull everything off. Lo and behold, they’ve got chops— flavors, spicing, composition, texture, and high quality fresh masa tortillas, which you can see them pressing to order.

I’d love to visit here multiple nights to eat the entire menu. As we had only one night, we split twelve tacos, a appetizer, and off-menu churros. Tacos were too notch. In all we had ten different types of tacos, which varied on shell (wheat flour, blue corn, yellow corn, pink corn, crispy cheese), animal (cow, pig, duck, octopus, sea bass, scallops), and traditional vs. chef’s creation.

5.0 stars

CHEESE CRUST PASTOR: Marinated Pork, Asadero Cheese Crust, Cilantro, Onion, Pineapple, flour

PIBIL SUCKLING PIG: Axiote, Carrot and Habanero Purre, Xnipec Sauce, Blue Corn

4.8 stars

(Off menu) Tacos dorados: stuffed with chicharon, topped with ceviche, blue corn

CRUSTED FISH: Peanuts, Amaranth, Sesame, Wasabi Mayo, Cabbage, Carrot, Flour

DUCK WITH MOLE: Black Mole, Hibiscus Compote, Flour

4.7 stars

MEDITERRANEAN OCTOPUS: Grilled, Herbs Oil, Lime, Guacamole, Baby Arugula, Flour

(Off menu) “brisket”: suadero in a fried cheese shell

Good quality parts, composition not to my liking:

BAJA SCALLOPS: Breaded, Chipotle Mayo, Cucumber, Mint, Carrot, Flour

ROASTED RIBS: Short Ribs, Fresh Goat Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, Baby Arugula, Chipotle Sauce, Blue Corn

PORK BELLY: Watercress, Green Onion, Chile Serrano, Pink Corn

Chula, a Vegan cafe in Cabo San Jose was a nice break from meat and seafood. Good variety of smoothies and the best veggie burger I’ve had in years.

Cabo Pulmo, about a 2 hour drive, largely dirt roads, from Cabo San Jose isn’t a dining destination, but has snorkeling opportunities and good hiking. That said, the limes wherever we ate were extraordinary and had a fruitiness we don’t get in the US and I didn’t even experience in Cabo San Jose.

Tito’s, at the entrance to town, was our choice for breakfast. Chilaquiles (we asked for eggs divorciados to get both salsas) and machaca with eggs were both good. They listed a Saturday night buffet.

There’s a new place, Tacos & Beer, that was closed when we went there.

We had a lunch and two dinners at Los Caballeros, which I understood to be the best place in town, and at least the plating was nice. Food was spiced mildly, even the aguachile, which had no heat. Better dishes were the nopales (cooked with cheese in corn husks), chicken quesadillas, and the molcajete which contained beef, chorizo (tasted almost like polish sausage), shrimp, and stayed super hot to keep the cheese in a magma-state before crisping. Stuffed chicken, octopus, birria, beef quesadillas, big eyed jack, and veggie sides had issues. Be warned they’re very slow, even when empty food took about an hour to arrive.


All of that looks AMAZING, thanks for sharing!!

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Nice. Would love to try most of it.

I have recently returned from 4 weeks in Baja Sur, never saw a taco holder thing there. Even multiple tacos are served on a plate or 2. Also never saw fancy looking food and plating like that.

Presunto: the reason you didn’t see fancier plating and higher end dishes is because you were not in the upper end tourist locations like Cabo San Jose and Cabo San Lucas. There is some amazing food in the Cabo area. It’s nothing to spend two or three thousand dollars at an all-inclusive resort down there for a week. Most of the people that go to the cobo area for vacation have work their butts off all year for their one or two weeks to get away. They want to relax and eat well for that time.
The loreto Baja area is more of a traveler’s destination than a tourist vacation location. I still like going in to Cabo San Jose once in awhile but I won’t go into Cabo San Lucas except for Costco and home Depot. (That should tell you something right there) About 2.5 million people go to Cabo area for vacation. If you got a little time and some money the resorts between Cabo San Jose and Cabo San Lucas are amazing.


Slowly the upper end tourism is moving up the coast there’s even a major resort going in just south of Los barriles. Cabo pulmo is an amazing place and about 15 years ago was nothing more than some palapas. Los barriles further up is it kind of cross between Loreto and caboish if that’s a word. It was a small fishing village not that long ago but the gringos have taken over and it made the economy boom there. There are multimillion-dollar houses on the beach and some more affordable properties just a little inland. Because of the demand for better Baja Fair the food scene has come along ways. One nice thing is you have a choice of inexpensive places to dine out along with some medium upper end places. You can still get a very good fish taco for about thirty five pesos most places in town. Look up Los barriles on Yelp to get an idea of the food scene.

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Hyperbowler: nice food and photos!

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I’ve loved following your journey!

Heh, I wonder in what country the taco holder was invented (US, Mexico, or somewhere else)? It makes sense for the fancier/bulkier compositions, especially the ones where the “tortilla” is really frico-like melted cheese.

I’m realizing I forgot to mention that we also went to Claro Fish Jr. on our last night in Cabo San Jose. Good baja style seafood, with the caveat that toppings for fish tacos etc. are in a huge salad-bar kind of thing, so its hard to get the optimal ratio of stuff if you’re not familiar enough with the food, but I expect pretty awesome for regulars.


Lots of people pick up or return rental cars in Cabo and they say it’s very Americanised there, and expensive. I was surprised to see prices on menus in La Paz. In Loreto it costs 100 pesos for a big plate of fresh clams. In La Paz you get 4 clams. Yes, only 4.

But, one can fly to Loreto from CSJ so maybe I still have to go there for the flight in the future.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold