C + R Cafe [London]

Mildly hungover and in need of a shot of chilli and crunch I journeyed to the Rupert Court Malaysian restaurant. I’d been a few times before, but I thought I’d give it another whirl but barring a few standouts I’m not sure if it’s going to be added to the regular lunch repertoire.

First the good bits. Just about the best chicken satay I’ve had out of SE Asia. The meat was tender on the inside, but had all those wonderful gnarly bits of charged crisp that work so well with a decent peanut sauce. The Loh Bak was also good if slightly too densely packed, but had a wonderful crisp beancurd skin. There was also a special which if I remember correctly was called ‘Malaysian pasta with sauce’ and only available some days of the week which was divided the table, but I thought was great. It consisted of rough cut pieces of large flat noodle in a dark gravy with fresh cucumber and crisp anchovies on top - reminiscent of a kind of Zhang Mien remix.

On the downside the roti was overly greasy, the rendang and laksas were nothing to write home about and the mackerel in tamarind sauce was overly sweet and boney.

For Soho Malaysians I’d put it below the reliable Rasa Sayang, but still not bad.

Have you tried the Malaysian cafe next to the Indonesia Mini Market on Charing Cross Road? Looked like it could be worth a shot.

I haven’t really found much Malaysian food I like in London, except for rotis at Roti King and a couple of dishes at Sedap. So I find I have to make most things myself :frowning: If anyone knows a place that does great mee goreng or laksa or anyone at all that does chilli pan mee, please let me know!

Yup. It was all re-heated rather than freshly made, but I seem to remember the laksa was very good. I’ve just been the once so probably needs some re-investigating…

There’s a fairly new place on Drummond St called Laksa King I’m assuming by the same people as Roti King. I didn’t have the laksa but their nasi lemak was fairly good (not a patch on Tukdin’s mind). They had other stuff apart from laksa and nasi lemak so may do the other dishes you’re after.

Thanks Paprikaboy, I tried their laksa for lunch a couple of months back. It was okay, but I didn’t feel I’d go back for it. I’ll have to try some of their other dishes, though when I was there they kept steering me back to the laksa.

Not sure about ownership but it looks very different to Roti King - felt a bit like eating my meal in an empty nightclub. I’ll have to brush up my dance moves!

It is an odd space, you’re right about that.
I’ve just checked Tukdin’s menu and the do have mee goreng. Their nasi lemak is the best I’ve had in London and I’ve tried it at about 10 other places. So it’s probably worth a shot.


Thanks. I have only ever had the nasi lemak at tukdin, so you’re right, I really should explore more of their menu!