c-c-c-changes in portchester

Just came from Portchester and found an empty Tarry Market (not the wine store or restaurant) with a sign on the door - closed permanently. Also drove past Colony pizza and it is OPEN, for anyone that has not tried it,it is a very thin crust,almost fried - both the crust and the cheese, it’s good but different, also went to a new pizza place with a coal(or wood) oven yesterday,it’s right at the Portchester train station- walked in at lunch time, completely empty except for 2 ppl wearing masks and wiping down (cleaning) at the far end of the place that was enuff for me ,so no review.

I heard that was closing. All the Batali stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised if the restaurant closes too. Want to try Colony Pizza!

Don’t know how the new Colony is decorated,but the Stamford location is worth seeing -a somewhat dingy old bar,but with nostalgic (but real) pictures of men and women in period dress over the years- mostly military,police, and fire but covering a very long period of time.


Can’t agree more. Every time I’m in Stamford, I always find myself there. :slight_smile: