Bywater [Warren RI]

Left the guys at home fend for themselves last night and met a friend at Bywater, which has been on my to-do list forever. Easily one of the best meals I’ve had in recent memory. A lovely room staffed by lovely people. You can get dressed up or come straight from the beach and feel comfortable either way.

I know crudo has become de rigeur these days, but my friend said it is a must-order so we shared the fluke crudo, which was luscious and brightened by sprinkles of coarse salt, Calabrian chili, orange, and fennel.


My friend ordered the grilled pork skewers. We had an odd moment when the server told her it was more appetizer-sized and that there was no starch so we ordered the very good thick potato wedges but completely unnecessary—the skewers were a big portion. She said they were wonderful (she described it more fully than I can—she’s a food writer).



When I see bluefish on a menu, I have to get it because B doesn’t enjoy it so I don’t make it at home. This was exceptional—the crispiest skin, the most delicious sofrito I’ve ever had, accompanied by a crisp little salad of herbs and sugar snap peas.


Tasty and unusual wines by the glass. I had an organic Italian white, sfera bianco and a delightful dry Lambrusco. My friend had a Negroni variation and then a white that I can’t remember.

We went to a weird art/music show afterwards. My friend had a nightcap of an ice cream cone at the Wright Scoop.


That meal sounds fabulous!!


Yes, a terrific account of what must have been a terrific meal. I added the restaurant to my list, then noted it’s in a different state. Huron villagers such as myself rarely venture abroad, but if I do it’s on my radar.


I forgot to mention that as we were hanging out outside the gallery between bands at the weird art/music thing, my friend saw someone she recognized walking down the street. It was the woman who single-handedly runs 7 Kings Market (Instagram account) a micro bakery business that she runs out of her home kitchen. She sells both by pre-order and at a local farmers market (she always sells out). All while home schooling her 4 kids. I’m in awe of her. My friend recommends everything but particularly her Japanese milk bread (Spring Onion’s favorite after sourdough bread) and sourdough donuts. Will report back once we can get our hands on her goodies.