Buttonwood review (Newton, MA)

Restaurant review for Buttonwood - we love this place and it was the first time indoors in two years. We’ve eaten outside a bunch and gotten takeout. The cornbread was to die for, as always. I loved my fennel citrus salad. Salmon with leeks carrots and potatoes was undersalted but perfectly cooked. My husband loved his wings and burger and we split the apple crisp for dessert. I wish that they had better dessert offerings; the variety isn’t great and they’re not as strong as the rest of the menu. So happy to return to eating here -


I don’t recall their outdoor space - what’s it like? As fans of their sister Sycamore we should give it another try.

It’s pretty basic - picnic tables in front and at the side of the restaurant. Maybe some greenery and lights on the front? I love it so much that I don’t care really care what the space is like! Have you been to Jinny’s Pizzeria? I’m in love with their salads.

Thanks, odd that I didn’t notice on the way in.
Yes, Jinny’s salads are good but I just noticed the menu has changed. The tuna and white beans are gone, so sad.

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It will probably return, I’ve noticed stuff coming off and going on the menu in their first year (last week was their one year anniversary). We love Buttonwood (actually we love all four of Dave Punch’s places). Their fries are better than Sycamore’s, and we love the burger. The desserts really aren’t anything special, but the new Alabama white BBQ sauce wings are to die for!