[Butterworth] Dim sum breakfast at Chaw Choon.

Chaw Choon is perhaps the most popular spot for “yum cha” in Butterworth, on the mainland part of Penang state. Located on Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth’s main drag, with a busy morning market and the popular Taoist Nine Emperor Gods Temple, this place is packed with locals from very early on each morning.

Dim sum here is smallish, and the restaurant is self-service - just pick up a tray and go to the steaming/serving station and choose your selection of dim sum dumplings. Wait-staff will come by and take orders for Chinese tea, any additional orders for fried noodles, and also tally up the costs of your dim sum breakfast at the end.

As with buffet lines or Japanese conveyor belt eateries, you end up selecting more food than you can possibly eat. But the flavours here and the variety are pretty good, so it was an enjoyable, even if it’s a more-than-substantial meal.

Chaw Choon
6970, Jalan Ong Yi How, Off Raja Uda
12300 Butterworth, Penang
Tel: +6016- 452 2880
Opening hours: 6am-1pm daily, closed on a Wed fortnightly.


Looks great! What did you get? I recognize a few things, but not all…

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Actually, most of the items use minced shrimp (forcemeat) as a base, but with minor variations, e.g. shitake mushrooms, Chinese dried oysters, scallops, etc.
The different colours (food dye used) were meant not only to identify the various types of dim sum, but also to make them more interesting.