Buttermilk and Bourbon Boston MA

Stopped by Jason Santos’ Buttermilk and Bourbon last night prior to attending an excellent version of Gypsy at The Lyric Theater. Like almost every “small plate” place known to man, you have to go there and order stuff to get an accurate idea of how much food you want to order. We ordered the following:

Cajun Guacamole with blackened shrimp and house made chips - Excelent guac, great chips, but there was the equivalent of a big bag of chips in the bowl (they were awesome so we took the rest home).

Biscuits w/pimento cheese and maple/butter on the side. Good biscuits (not as good as Sweet Cheeks), but there were 4 of them (and my wife is good for 1/4-1/2 biscuit) Had I know (or asked) how many there were, I’d have 86’d this item.

Deviled Egg toast w/crab fat butter, ham, and pepper salad - more like a scoop of very good egg salad on top of ham, on top of toast with the pepper salad on top. One 4 x 4 inch square of toast.

Fried Pickles - house made pickles, sliced thin into chips, and lightly fried, with a buttermilk ranch - excellent, but a huge plate of them, so you’d need 3-4 people to eat them all

Braised pig cheek with peas and pureed squash. - excellent dish, and the size which I would expect for a small plate - enough for 2 people to have a small portion each.

Short rib boudin balls croquettes - one of our 2 favorite dishes, just great (3 small balls)

Nashville hot fried chicken wings (6)- phenomenal fried wings, and smoking hot! Nothing worse than calling something hot, and then it has no spice. NOT a problem with these! Also available w/sweet and spicy or white BBQ sauces - our favorite dish of the night.

We also tried a number of cocktails, all of which were excellent. Their take on a sazerac, a black walnut sazerac, was a boozier version of the original drink, and would make a nice substitute for a sazerac every once in a while. 7 cocktails and 1 glass of wine.

Total bill was just over $200 which with all the booze, I thought was fine. I think if you did the fried chicken, the wedge salad (table next to us got this) and one or two other food items would be plenty for two for dinner.


Nice review - I’ve been eyeing the croquettes and the biscuits for a while, so the info is much appreciated.

I had the beignets here a few weeks ago and thought they were a little too heavy compared to the version I somehow got for free at a pretty touristy cafe in New Orleans. Pork belly cracklings were on point, though - we may have fought over the last piece.

(Judging by my limited experience here and at Back Bay Harry’s, the chef seems to prefer bold, rich flavors. Perhaps the OP complaining about Boston food being bland on another board should give it a try…)