Buttering your corn

i prefer my corn on the cob plain, sometimes not even cooked. But I was impressed with yesterday’s FB video from Jacques Pepin. He generously buttered a slice of bread (French baguette, bien sûr), then used it like a sponge to wipe the butter onto the ear. No dripping, and of course you can enjoy the bread with your meal.


I use the carnival corn method. Break in half . Using the same sauce pan you boiled the corn in . Drain , add butter and salt to the pan . Then add the corn and toss .

Microwave corn in the husk (JP does that, too). You get a fresher taste via the husks, and the silks come off all at once. Or steam, for less water, less power, and less kitchen heat. Either way, no pan to clean!


Thanks for the tip .

This is by far my favorite way to cook corn. I actually bought a chinese cleaver to more easily chop the stalk end of the ear off once it was nuked. Quick and easy, with no stringly silk all over, and very fresh tasting!

I just melt and season the butter, and serve it in a gravy boat with a basting brush. Much easier and neater than smearing solid butter on hot ears. Oh, and corn holders help tremendously, especially for kids.


Thank you! I tried the Pepin method tonight - delicious, neat, less butter.
Me i grill my corn - 6 mins total, taking thicker husks off first , turning others down, removing silk, husks back up, place in water for minimum of 10 minutes. Drain, place on medium heat grill for 3 mins, turn for another three mins. Enjoy, I do.


That’s funny. Butter bread was always done in my family; great grandma (who farmed corn in Illinois), grandmother, then my dad. It was always a treat to be able to split the used buttered bread with my dad after all the corn was slathered up. I hadn’t thought about that in years. Awe, now I’m happy.


My husband’s family, on the other had/used “rolly butter” - they put out a whole stick of butter and everyone just rolled their corn on it (corn parallel to the stick). At the end there was a nice deep trench in the stick of butter. Always seems like a huge waste to me.

Rolly butter for me.

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I don’t use butter on corn. DH just cuts off a chunk of butter, pops it in his mouth then attacks the ear of corn. When the butter is gone, he repeats.


Wow . The butter first then the corn . Innovative. I’ll have to try this move. Genius

Best among family. And older less impressionable, at that.

And you can use the peeled-back husk for a handle.

If the corn is good I like it without butter too but I was impressed, like you, the first time I saw the technique in the movie war games. In this case the corn was also raw which is not so bad with just picked corn.