Butcher Box - Harvard Square?

I noticed that a new meat delivery service (Butcher Box) has moved into a space on Elliot Street in Harvard Square, next to Charlie’s Kitchen. I am wondering if anyone knows anything about it or has any experience with their products? Their website has some slick marketing copy leveraging many of the current dietary crazes, including recent awakenings because of documentaries such as What the Health. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for clean eating and think it is a great trend for our nations health. I am just a bit fatigued of friends breathlessly preaching about something because they heard about it on Facebook.

At first glance, information on where the meat is actually sourced from and the founders background are scant. The Yelp reviews are polarized, with many of the positive reviews read as if they are plants. A job posting on Glassdoor advertises for a commission based sales associate for their Harvard Square showroom. The entire approach seems a bit exploitative while ignoring the basic roots of knowing where your food comes from. Sort of like how organic designation is starting to get muddy.

This store/service isn’t something I have much use for with MF Dulock in the area and many other options for meat CSA’s where I know exactly where the meat is coming from. However, I am genuinely interested in any firsthand accounts.

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sheesh … the bone broth has monkeyed with their head …


We love MF Dulock. Honest people, great butchers, work hard, very knowledgable. I don’t buy meat very often, but when I do, from MF Dulock.

I would not go to a meat “showroom.”


What will it take to get you to walk out of here today in a new skirt steak?

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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