Business Insider: "If you want a fully immersive 'postmodern design hellscape' themed dining experience I highly recommend dinner at The Cheesecake Factory,"

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The architecture actually looks kinda moorish to me, with a little bit of North Korean (the door) mixed in.


I don’t have a problem with the architecture. I have a problem with the food.


I don’t know… while Cheesecake Factory isn’t high level cuisine, or even good old home cooking… this is a world in which there are 45,000 Subways, 35,000 McDonalds, and where Trader Joe’s sells something like 200 MILLION bottles of Charles Shaw wine in a year. Just sayin’!


The Twitter thread that this article is based on is great.

It does stand out. When you think of other chain diner, they are kind of the same. Cheesecake Factory has an identity, and that is much better than none.

Does anyone know if there is a Cheesecake Factory built in the style shown in the above photo that is located in the SF Bay Area?