[Bury] Urban hunter gathering

OK, not really hunter gathering. We schelepped round the M60 orbital to Bury - on the far side of the metro area to us - for a visit to the market. It’s won awards and is “world famous”, according to its publicity, but without attribution.

First stop, as always, was to Chadwicks black pudding stall for a hot one to eat there and then - with lashings of English mustard. They also have tomato ketchip and piccalili. We came back later for four to bring home to freeze - they do “fat” and “lean”. That’ll be fat then, of course.

In the meat and fish market, there was plaice, cod and smoked haddock (and cockles in vinegar to take as a present for herself’s father) to be had. And meat from Albert’s. They supply a favourite Manchester restaurant with steaks - local and grass fed, of course, and hung for 35 days. But we were here for piggy - they use Gloucester Old Spot - a pork shoulder joint (for anyet to be determined casserole; a pork chop big enough to feed two (but I’ struggle through it on my own - tee, hee); pork and black pudding sausages and some of their thin “original” ones.

Other stalls round the market saw us right for Grandma Singletons “extra tasty” Lancashire cheese, rag puddings (unusual to see them away from their Oldham home); wimberry pie and Chorley cakes (the lesser known shortcrust version of the Eccles cake). Fruit and veg looked great and much cheaper than the supermarket but we’d already stocked up at the latter, so didnt buy anything except a couple of perfectly ripe mangoes.

We took a detour on the way home to stop at Roma in Whitefield. It is, I think, the only Italian deli in the metro area and it sorts us out for a spicy sausage (they also do a sweet one) that I see with lentils. There’s also provolone piccante, a small Pandoro and a jar of orange & ginger jam.

It’d been a good shop.