Burrata wood fired pizza... Eastchester, NY

I am not sure why I waited so long to try this restaurant.
It was highly recommended by Roxlet on CH and more recently by
Primosprimos here at HO… It was on my short list to try
but for one reason or another I didn’t get there…until this week

I met a friend for dinner and we shared everything… I picked the app
she picked main, which was a pizza and a dessert.

I started with a really refreshing and delicious virgin mojito, I
mentioned to my server that I did not like overly sweet drinks
and she brought me a tiny pitcher of simple syrup on the side…this
alcohol free mojito was one of the best I’ve had

The appetizer was the Burrata … a salad of
creamy burrata, wood roasted sweet peppers, red onions, fresh parsley.
So very good, ingredients so fresh, they sang. Bright clean flavors, creamy burrata and
those peppers had just the perfect amount of crunch and smokiness. I’m so used to peppers being just
a bit too mushy…not these. I was thinking I might have liked just a smidge more acidity, but it
was most likely served properly and any addition may have detracted from what was going on with
the ingredients.

We had the “Burrata” pizza too…Burrata
wild mushrooms, garlic, chili flake, parmigiano, basil, porcini oil.
We thought it was going to be mushy and oily when we saw it because
well, it looked that way… but within minutes we were sopping up that wetness
with the edges of crust…yum!!! Perfecto!!!

Dessert was molton chocolate cake…definitely would not have been my, first choice
I had only a couple of bites. This too was surprisingly good … made with quality chocolate and just
sweet enough…very good…with the gelato it too was perfect.

Service was rushed but friendly and efficient … it was dinner time on a Friday night and there was a line out the door by the time we left. It was pretty noisy in there as well but we had a two top against the window, table #19, I asked. It is a great spot if you want to talk and hear without strain…Going back for sure!

Not the greatest quality pics, just a few quick snaps…I didn’t want to be rude to my friend.


It always amazes me the great pictures you get with your iphone! I want to dive right into that pizza. I happen to love molten chocolate cake and not that many places do it right with a nice amount of goo!! Looks great!

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Yum! I don’t know if I would have ordered the burrata pizza - I prefer fresh mozzerella and burrata at room temp. But the salad looks stunning and I’m sure the pizza was fab. Will look forward to checking it out soon!

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I always hear good reports and the food looks good but I think we never went because they don’t take reservations. What time did you get there on a Friday night to beat the crowd?

The burrata was insane on the pizza!!!
I don’t love mozzarella though

It always amazes me the great pictures you get with your iphone!

I agree, Gwenn. Food porn of the highest quality, chowdom!:grinning:

Glad you found it as good as I did, chowdom. I still have to work my way through their ‘shaken and stirred’ menu.

It made a convert of ‘Mikey’ for what I have dubbed yuppie pizzas, so you know they have to be good.

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6:30 Valerie

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Return visit to Burrata with my husband
Appetizer two pies

calamari served w/ a side of aioli

I found the calamari to be just a bit oily and in need of
a sprinkle of salt. In spite of this I really enjoyed it.
Just barely cooked through and not in the least bit rubbery, the buttermilk marinade
most definitely enhanced flavor and texture. I ate the squid without the accompanying aioli, it just didn’t need it. The aioli itself had a nice kick with red pepper overtones…very good

J. Sexton pizza
San Marzano tomato, garlic, burrata, raw basil, extra virgin olive oil,
black pepper, parmigiano cheese
I ordered this minus the black pepper which I despise.
Ugh…the burrata is plopped onto the pizza when it comes out of the oven
I watched and it took a bit of time to do this. Apparently this is their most popular
pizza … I just don’t get it. I could not adjust to the cold milky cheese on the warmish pizza.
The burrata pizza which I had last week was just so much better… if you compare pics you
will see it even looks better. In the time it took to apply the cheese both pies had
cooled to a point where they were no longer hot…just lukewarm the texture of the crust
suffered as well.

Prosciutto pizza
Prosciutto, smoked mozzarella, balsamic red onions, arugula, pecorino.
Substituted regular mozzarella for smoked.
I don’t love mozzarella period … I didn’t love this pizza… I did like the arugula though
and ate most of it

Service was great efficient and friendly

zeppole w/ vanilla custard sauce

Burrata can do dessert…delicious little ricotta
pillows. Which were both moist and
very lite … a little citrus going on
The custard sauce and zeppole were
barely sweet enough… perfect

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Folks, you should really try the seasonal, vegetable based apps, salads, and soups at Burrata, and then focus on the pasta. The pasta is where Chas (the owner/chef) shines. He does a several day ferment on his sour dough, and fresh pasta is made every day. The same fermented style of dough is used for the pizza, but it shines in the pasta. Duck Ragu with Rigatoni, Lamb Bolognese with Gnocchetti, Short Rib Agnolotti, Wild Mushroom Pappardelle, and look to the seasonal specials.

You are right, JMF. From the very start Chas Anderson strived to bring his sparkling Stefano Ferrara pizza oven to new heights. To the point of locating a source for his burrata cheese in Vermont, I believe. Some early customers complained that it was not the style or size pizza they were used to, though delicious. In the meantime, he set out to create dishes to supplement the pizza menu and they were quite credible and tasty. It’s about the small details.
By the way, there is a Gallic touch to his work as well. Chas’ family owns La Dentelliere, the French gift shop in Scarsdale…

Judging from the number of people around me eating pasta
I would say you nailed it… I had to force myself to
not to stare at the table next to me where a woman sat slowly twirling the thick
ribbons of pappardelle around her fork…next time
What are your thoughts on the pea shoot salad…that has been calling to me
since day one. If it is even half as good as the burrata salad I had I’ll be happy

That pea shoot salad sounds great. I think I enjoyed a version last summer of it, but every time I was there consulting, I was creating and refining cocktails for hours on end, so my memories are a bit vague.

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