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So my gym has a “theater” room with a bunch of cardio machines in a darkened room where they play a different movie each day. Today’s movie was Burnt, staring Bradley Cooper for the 40 mins I watched it was actually a fairly entertaining movie. My question for the audience is; was this supposed to be about any real life chef? (Gordon Ramsey) lol

Yes, I know I could google this and get my answer, but isn’t this more fun?

Ramsay appears as himself in this chefie movie:

I saw it too and I enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure if it was loosely based on Anthony Bourdain or Gordon Ramsey.

I am not particularly familiar with Anthony Bourdain so it’s hard for me to say. There was a scene in the kitchen where the title character truly lost his composure placing his hands on a female chef, whom he subsequently fired (only to re-hire) which just screamed Gordon Ramsey to me.

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World renowned chefs Gordon Ramsay, Marco Pierre White, Marcus Wareing and Clare Smyth provided inspiration for Cooper’s Adam Jones, though Cooper most closely emulates Ramsay’s characteristic kitchen rants. This is according to IMDb.

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Thanks!!! I love IMDb!

Kim, so in other words you are saying; “NotJr was spot on 100% correctomundo!!!” right?

(thanks for doing the googling)

Well NotJr is always 100% correctomundo, no?

And no Google required . . . IMDb tells you everything you need to know about movies and tv.

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