Burns in the kitchen

I’ve used this burn ointment for years and am always amazed at how it fixes burns. I have had some bad hot oil and melted sugar accidents that should have been terrible the next day and were not. The faster it’s applied, the better it seems to work. It is very very stinky. I put it on liberally then use a surgical or rubber glove to keep it away from whatever I’m cooking. Every kitchen should have this stuff.

Ching wan hung.

Is it this one?

I have not heard of it before but may try. I had some minor burn on my fingers a couple of day ago from a hot pot and didn’t have anything at home other than aloe cream. So I stuck my painful fingers into a cup of room temperature water for an hour. I didn’t think it’d help much but surprisingly no pain and no blisters afterwards. Obviously may not work well on bigger burns but cold water is always available in the kitchen.

Good to know the Chinese ointment is effective, but the smell! Sugar accident that can be really bad!

I use Cooper’s Osmo Soft gel for mild hot oil burns, it is good for that. Need to put just once and next day it’s gone. And no smell.

Instant ice water helps quite a lot and regular body cream if you have no special burn cream. Sun burn cream can be handy too.

I will keep it in mind. But I’ve always had excellent results from aloe vera gel kept in the refrigerator. If I could grow aloe vera here in NYC I’d absolutely use that instead - we always had several huge plants in the yard growing up and it’s shocking how immediately effective the flesh of the cut plant is.


Yes, looks the same. I get mine at a nearby Chinese herbal shop and it much less $$.

I lived in NY and used what I thought was an ( aloe ) vera plant that was in a pot in my house on burns.
The stuff available in stores doesn’t work for me, I’m allergic to all of the additives.

How did you use it?

removed a leaf and squeezed out the aloe vera, poof like magic, burn be gone so soothing


I can’t keep an aloe vera plant inside because we have two cats (it’s poisonous to them). And I have never had much luck keeping it alive outside here in zone 7, esp. since I can’t move it inside during the cold weather.

I use Aubrey aloe vera gel which just contains aloe vera and leuconostoc/radish root ferment filtrate .

It works very well for me - but I do wish I could keep an actual plant, though.

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TY … Fortunately none of my cats ever expressed interest, also in spite of my ability to kill plastic, this thing survived!

We cube up fresh bottled aloe gel from the health food store and store in the deep freeze. Keeps a long time and very handy. Dispense gel in clean ice cube tray, freeze, leave frozen cubes in ziplock.

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I always use fresh aloe, I have a potted one growing in the kitchen window. Don’t know what I’d do without it, even though I don’t burn myself all that much :wink: But it’s a lifesaver for sure. I do have three cats but they definitely don’t show any interest in it…probably because they prefer my philodendrums and spider plants!

I know the ones in California grow gigantic, but this one stays about 6 inches tall and wide; I’ve had it since I don’t remember when.


My wife has a few dozen aloe plants growing around our place but she won’t cut them! She adores them as house plants and buys the fresh produced liquid in the bottle for personal use. She’s funny like that.

To each their own :wink: But they do seem to grow back, or at least I never noticed them looking too shabby.

I agree with you, my sister in law keeps an aloe plant in the kitchen just for burns. To each their own, absolutely.

First and foremost, cool down the burn for longer than you think necessary before applying any further remedy. Speaking from experience


Exactly! Run the cold tap over your burn as it’s filling a container that you then hold your hand in, adding ice if you have it. Common sense - cool the skin as fast as possible.

How about tongue burn, any effective remedy? I just have it! Does aloe work too?

Sure. Also myrrh and neem, if you’re looking for herbal remedies. A bezocaine-based canker sore remedy like Orajel would work too.

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Cool down first as quick as possible. Then residual effect serves as a reminder to prevent future burns. Should only last a day or two

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