Burma Superstar's Fermented Tea Leaves @ Rainbow Grocery!!!! [San Francisco]

Just found them in the refrigerated section by the prepared foods. They also sell the garlic/peanut/sesame topper that goes on their salad.

I just made some delicious Burmese Spring rolls :smiley:

Another source for fermented tea leaves is Berkeley Bowl. They were selling prepared salads by Cafe Karla, but the last time I went they were selling 9 oz jars of “Burmese tea leaf salad dressing” or a version with ginger. Ingredients are fermented green tea leaf, peanut oil, lemon juice, salt, chili, garlic, canola oil, potassium sorbate, and malic acid.
I haven’t tried it yet, as I keep claiming I’m going to have a taste-off with the two imported from Burma brands in my cabinet, but not following through.

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They also sell these online on Good Eggs.

Monterey Market also sells the Cafe Karla tea leaf salad and dressing. I saw it there this morning.