Burma Gold -- beginning of a Burmese restaurant chain? [China Basin]

Hoodlines reports on the imminent opening of Burma Gold at 695 Third Sr. at Townsend. Ever curious about the forces behind Asian, and particularly Burmese restaurants, I did some digging and found out that the owner of Burma Gold is United KMA, INC (CA). The ABC licence query system lists the Chief Executive Officer of KMA as one Kaung Htet Tun.

Mr. Tun’s LinkedIn resume indentifies him as “President & Chief Executive Officer, Burma Gold Chain of Restaurants, 2018-present.” Lest you think this is simply a pipe dream, the same Mr. Tun is the Executive Director of Golden Myanmar Airlines, the Executive Director of KMA Hotels Group (eight hotels in Burma), and Director of several other companies.

What better way to take money out of Burma than to start a chain of restaurants?

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I wonder if that means the food will be good or crap.

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