[Burlington, VT] Leunig's Bistro

We liked it here. It’s a bustling sort of place on Church Street – the pedestrianised road at the heart of the city.

We’d made a reservation here on the strength of a single menu item – duck confit poutine. I knew poutine to be a “down and dirty” Quebec concoction, although I’d never eaten it. I’d sort of assumed this could be a more refined restaurant starter dish – a bit prissy even. Well, that’s me wrong again. This was an immense portion – easily main course size. A vast quantity of fries, chunks of duck (some bits nicely crisp, others nicely not), smothered in gravy and cheese curds. I wanted to finish it because it was so delicious but finishing it and having a hope of eating a main course was impossible.

My companion in life watched me eat, with an encouraging smile, whilst sipping a much more restrained starter – a cup of “soupe au pistou”. Vegetable soup with white beans, potatoes, peppers, celery in a lovely basil flavoured brother, topped with a local cheese.

Also fairly restrained was boeuf bourgignon – one of several dishes on the menu that can be ordered in small, or full portion. That’ll be small then, but it’s still a generous serving of beef, a little onion and carrot, delicious gravy and mashed potato. And this was not pomme purree or other sloppy version but pretty much just potatoes mashed. And better for it.

Restraint was out of the window again with a rack of four chops of wild boar. The meat was well flavoured, if a little chewier than you might expect, even from wild boar. There’s spinach, asparagus and alfalfa sprouts going towards the “five a day”. More of the mashed potato and a fruity relish which worked well with the meat.

Perhaps needless to say, we were much too full to consider dessert, but did have good espresso.


Glad you got your poutine, John. Next you have to have it in Montreal or at least from the truck in london :slight_smile:

I’d hoped to have it twice, Jan. This one and a “proper” version at Henry’s Diner. But the latter had changed it’s menu and no longer had it on. The buggers!

Waterworks in Winooski VT has a short rib poutine. pretty much a meal in it’s self.
One of my son’s favorites.

Leunig’s has always been a pretty solid choice when visiting. The brunch/lunch menu is the best and the big open windows allow for some great people watching without actually sitting outside.

It looks like you had a great trip. Thanks for all the write ups. Some new places for us to try, especially the Delia Trattoria.

We have a reservation for our August trip. We really enjoyed our experience there a couple of winters ago and are looking forward to our first warm weather trip to Burlington.