Burger Places in the GTA

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Occupying the place of a former TV reality show -" Restaurant Makeover " candidate - ‘Rifca’s Grill’, this unique ‘Wood Fire’ Grilled Burger place definitely fits the definition of a Special ‘Neighbourhood Gem’ find!

Featuring an array of eye-opening exotic burger offerings. In addition to normal beef classics using AAA Angus beef, the menu also features rare and exotic game items that includes Bison and Elk burgers! However, what caught my eyes was a special ’ Calf Tongue ’ sandwich, which will be on my ‘to eat list’ during my next visit…assuming the food is good?!

Now, onto the food and verdict. For $13, my selected ‘6 oz pattie, Prime Burger’, though fairly generous in size, was IMO a touch on the pricey side. Athough a lot of it was offset and make-up by the appealing taste profile, texture and aroma of the smoky, wood-charred meat. Size of the soft, sesame bun, condiments and their ‘House Special Sauce’ were generous and fresh. Per another option offered, my burger was cooked to medium as requested.

Overall, a decent and acceptable burger featuring a nice flavour profile. A touch on the dry side, this easily corrected shortfall ( by the addition of a bit more fatty cut of beef ) was conveyed to the owner in person. Hopefully, my advice will be taken to heart and improvement will be made to further refine the already respectable product.


TO burgers ? Here is something to “chew on” ! Mr Tastyburgers has been very very busy…

tastyburgers dot ca

I haven’t had too many burgers this year.

I still like Harry’s Charbroiled.

My friend had another Safari Burger
at Safari on Avenue Road last night. I had one last summer. It’s pretty good for an over-the-top pub burger on a patio. It’s not worth a detour. It is a decent place for pub food at Avenue Rd and Lawrence.

I think it cost $22 last night. I noticed the burger at the Dog and Tiger pub on College St is $23.

The new Crown Burger at the Duke of York is around $24.99 Cdn ( I have not tried it), the regular Duke burger is $19.99, and the Banquet Burger is $20.99.

I guess $20- $25 Cdn is the new normal for a burger with fries at a pub with table service.

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I recently had Johnny’s Hamburgers. This was mainly because the Chinese restaurant / dive bar I was going to check out was not at all Chinese and way too divey. This is me saying that and I love a good dive.

Anyway, Johnny’s is a trash burger, but its good trash. Banquet burger, onion rings, and a chocolate shake $13.50, thanks a lot. Oh and grilled onions, yes please.

The waves of nostalgia just being there remembering banana seat bicycles and sitting on the curb to eat with my 2 bff’s who are still my bff’s, well that had me smiling 'til bedtime.

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Dive bar ? DIVE BAR ?! Do tell… Favorites ? Please share !

As far as old memory burgers, the Apache on Dundas W was an old school go to, that still remains. Not up to Charles’ gourmet though. Great burgers should be so simple to achieve, but seldom deliver.

Now here is a list of true dives.
divebarmike dot com
RIP Jack Soul.