Burger King's new plant-based burger not for vegans

It’s aimed at people who want to reduced their meat consumption. Does it appeal to meat eaters? Would you eat it?

When I don’t eat meat I also don’t use something that looks or tastes like meat so this burger thing does not appeal to me.

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Me too. I think we’ve touched on this before but the most disgusting vegan I’ve eaten was a vile representation of “cheese”. This was in a restaurant - three different “cheeses”, all vile.

But this is an odd story. It seems that the burger itself is vegan (and you can ask for it not to have mayo on the bun) but it’s cooked on the same grill as the normal burgers. This is odd becuase BK does cook a couple of veggie items on a separate grill, so why not this?

BK is everywhere, this vegan burger thing could have taken off but seems to me they have no intention of going all the vegan way.

This news item was only a couple of months ago: vegan patties cooked on a grill used for meat.

I take your word for it. Won’t be touching the “cheese”.

If your taste runs to highly processed food, go for it. Conflating “vegan” with “good for you, etc.” seems a common undiscriminating approach to labeling

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I’m beginning to dislike the term “plant-based” as much as the V word. It’s becoming clearer now, they are jumping on the bandwagon for the profit. I’ve read the sellers/restaurants get more customers but they are buying more normal meat burgers and not “plant-based” kind.