Burger King is launching a dollar menu, reviving the fast-food value classic...


Burger King’s app coupon deals are absolutely incredible right now. Who needs a dollar menu when right now you can get:

8 nuggets
Cheeseburger (with lettuce and mayo!)
Small fries
Small cone
Small drink


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Much better than the mailer deals. Maybe the ff chains should stop printing coupons altogether.

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I just checked my app and it seems like they tweaked some things. But basically with the app you can get a free kids meal with a 1$ purchase. And the app lets you do things like add lettuce/mayo/onion for free to the cheeseburger.

They used to even let you swap out the kids meal toy for a cone but looks like it’s been discontinued, and they got rid of the 8/1$ nuggets, now it’s 10 for 1.49.

Either way it’s an incredible deal for a buck.

On Tuesdays if you have TMobile you can get a Whopper with a 1$ purchase as well. I have friends who send me codes :smiley:


Yep, save trees ffchains!

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I’ve been staring at this for like a couple of minutes now and I can’t figure out what it means :crazy_face:

Ohhh fast food chains!! derp!

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