Burger King and Tim Hortons owner to buy Popeyes

Regarding Popeyes … I understand it’s a chain, but having eaten in one in Texas I was pretty blown away by how good it was … I wonder if their acquisition is going to have any impact on the product.
Does it never stop? It seems like pretty soon there is going to be one mega corporation owning and controlling it all … this really freaks me out, we should be going in exactly the opposite direction
I am doing my very best to eat and support local purveyors and restaurants.


I was just getting used to the idea of Butterball purchasing Gusto which is associated with ALDI

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I haven’t been to a Popeye’s in several years but I have the impression from what I’ve read it’s already been going down hill. I stopped going because the locations near me either didn’t honor widely advertised specials (or didn’t know what they were) or messed up my order.

We have a local chain, Frenchy’s, which most people probably prefer for Creole fried chicken. They’ve tried expanding in the past but wound up closing all the satellite stores that weren’t as good as the original location. The family is trying again, announcing plans last year to grow to about 500 stores nationwide. Don’t hold your breath.

Interesting that the article claims Beyonce prefer’s Popeye’s. I’m pretty sure she’s mentioned home-town Frenchy’s in her songs. Maybe when she’s away from Houston? I’ll try to remember to ask her next time I see her :laughing:.


3 2nd tier chains under one roof?
I don’t see how this is a good thing for diners.
The PNW does not seem to have the love affair with fried chicken shared by the rest of country. KC and supermarket chicken are the overwhelming choice.

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Ha! KFC. Popeye’s was a tasty FF option in the old days. I used to hit the closest ones to Southern Oregon in Vallejo CA and Brooks Oregon when I would roam flea marketing. Now I hear they are but a shadow of their former selves so- eh. Burger King is dissapointing when I try them every 2 years or so and remember why I always vow to just say know. Or no.
And no Tim Horton’s, Dunkin’Donuts or Krispy Kremes near me either. Not a bad thing.

If I were the writer/editor of that article my headline of choice would have been;

“Shitty food get’s shittier”

(not to besmirch Popeye’s, I’ve never actually had their chicken, but I can’t see where being purchased by Burger King is going to do ANYTHING to improve the brand. I loathe burger king)

Maybe I’ve lost my mind … but I think burger king has improved. I remember having a burger a few years ago and found it to be vile, I remember even the bun was disgusting, sweet and gummy, just gross. I recently had a whopper and it was pretty good, I was surprised.
I agree that Popeye’s has gone south as well as KFC and many other chains. I do believe that things can go from bad to worse though.

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The last BK burger I had was when they came out with their “Big Mac” imitation, the Big Royal? My son wanted to try it so I appeased him, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good either. lol Other than that I cannot tell you the last time I had a Whopper or anything similar.

(Actually drunken flash back…BK use to have a chicken parm sandwich I use to love when I was drunk!!! lol )

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Have you not seen Judge Dredd? Taco Bell will win the franchise wars and in the future all restaurants will be Taco Bell. This happens shortly after the states ratify the Schwarzenegger amendment allowing non-native citizens to become president.

Actually, I’m pretty stoked that we’re getting a Popeye’s near me. I haven’t had their chicken since leaving SoCal 9 years ago. It was always my favorite of the chicken chains, along with El Pollo Loco. My bar has been raised lately, though, so I’m not sure how they’ll measure up. Ker’s Winghouse (local breastaurant chain) has killer chicken strips, as does a local ice rink that breads fresh chicken to order. Both use sliced fresh breasts and excellent breading.

I haven’t liked Burger King since they got away from fresh broiling and went to Chef Mike( microwave.)

There’s a Popeye’s just down Scott Street from the flagship Frenchy’s in Houston’s Third Ward. The Popeye’s might have one car in the drive-thru while Frenchy’s frequently wraps around the building onto the street.

Don’t get me started on the red beans and rice but I will. Popeye’s has dried out rice with beans that taste like liquid smoke. Somehow people like them. Frenchy’s are creamy with spicy andouille sausage, no comparison. Let’s hope they expand so others may enjoy them.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold

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