Burbelmaiers - savory meat pies in Ocean Grove

That looks amazing.

I was there a few weeks ago and picked up a chicken tikka masala pie to go. Unfortunately, it was not good. All I could taste was lime, which was very out of place. It tasted nothing like masala or anything Indian for that matter. Was very disappointed, and this followed an even more disappointing lunch at the Buttered Biscuit.

So happy you enjoyed it! And aren’t they SO nice to boot??
I’ve been to one of their dinners and it was fabulous… Let me check on the 13th, as I’d love to go to another one and this will probably be the last one before summer season kicks in…

The food was great and they are both lovely!

They are having their final dinner on May 4th. I don’t know what that theme will be or when the email will be going out for that.

As I eat my way through my other pies I’ll keep updating.

I hope you can make it!

I’m headed out with the friends who brought me along to the last one…I’m on the email list and def want to go–will ask if they’re interested as well. Any other HOs? @MsBean???

I did get some pies to go. Yesterday I tried the chicken and leek. I heated it up in the oven and it was lovely. The filling was delicious and nicely balanced. I wish I had some of those sublime mashed potatoes to go along with it!

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Bumping this up re: the dinner on 4/13, as I suspect they’re going to open the reservations any day now… fwiw, the last one I went to was $65pp and it’s BYO.

Yesterday I had the scotch egg pie for lunch. I heated it in the microwave at the office, and it didn’t suffer at all! (50% power for 6 minutes.) The crust was flaky and tasty, and the sausage was good and had a bit of a zip in it. And the egg was beautiful! Another winner!


Sounds decadent!

The menu is up and sounds AMAZING (you have me at lamB):

4 of us already have tickets–and there are only 18 seats, so if you’re interested, get yours NOW.

the May mexican dinner looks amazing too. I have had the chicken tinga pie several times…great flavors

I am definitely going to that! It sounds delicious!

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Hope I can get to the Mexican one as well…still TBD

I just received this email, so I thought I’d share:

April 21 is Easter. At Bürbelmaiers that means it’s time for…
Pizza Rustica, The Magical Italian

the magical once-a-year Italian Easter Pie is here!

Celebrate like the Italians with delicious PIZZA RUSTICA this Easter Season. This special pie is stuffed with Prosciutto, Capocollo, Salami, Soppressata, Mozzarella, Fontina, Provolone, Pecorino and Eggs all wrapped in a Golden Crust.

Honestly, one of the best pies EVER.

We will be selling slices now through Next Saturday, 20 April.

If you want a whole pie and have not pre-ordered, come on by as we made extras!


PS… We will be CLOSED on Easter Sunday

A few of us are headed here tonight for the Persian dinner–can’t wait, and you can be sure you’ll hear about it. :grin:


As expected, we had an epic meal last night. I’ll let @msbean and @heidicooksandbakes chime in, but I thought it was wonderful, and I have the leftovers to enjoy again! Thanks again to Mr. and Mrs. Bean for bringing perfect libations–Pama is my new favorite choice for cocktails! Will likely serve some next weekend, in fact. :slight_smile:

Here is the menu + a few photos:
The first course was a delicious baba-ish spread served warm (which I loved) with 3 different flatbreads. My favorite was the paper-thin one (think dosa).

Roasted Eggplant, Tomato, and Garlic with Subtle Spices and Assorted Breads

The 2nd and 3rd courses were served together–MASSIVE plates of the rice were put down for sharing, then we each received a bowl of the stew, which was insanely flavorful and saag-like, but with a very different flavor profile. The textures within the rice AND from the beans in the stew meant we weren’t just eating a mushy plate of food, which I thought was a big win.

Saffron Basmati Rice layered with Slivered Pistachios, Almonds, Raisins, Barberries, and Julienne-Cut Carrots

A resplendent combination of flavorful and aromatic herbs, slow cooked chicken, fork-tender beans, spinach and dried lemons

Most of you know you have me at lamb, and this didn’t disappoint! This was falling off the bone (except for the marrow, which I had to work for–worth it) with a terrific zing of brightness from the pomegranate.

Slowly Braised Lamb with a Pomegranate Infused Sauce, finished with Mint Oil and a fresh Mint “Sprinkle”, served with traditional Crispy Persian Saffron Rice

When I took my first bite of dessert, I believe I announced that baklava and a creamsicle had a baby.
Persian Orange-Vanilla Baklava

Persian Chai Tea perfumed with Rose, Cardamom, and Cinnamon

Loved the small (18) communal group setting, although it’s tough to chat with anyone not seated within a spot or two. It’s still feels like the owners (Pete and Courtney) are having us in their home, which they are!


Wow that looks like quite a spread! Nice pics too. I don’t think I would have had any room for dessert.

I took home half of each of the main courses, so… :grin:

It was really a fabulous dinner. Firstly, our immediate dining companions were terrific, the Beans and Curlz. The other diners were lovely too.

The food was really terrific! I loved each of the courses. The eggplant and dosa was so tasty, and surprisingly served warm, which really hit out of the park for me. The Persian herb stew was succulent with lots of different flavors and textures. And that lamb, wow! Off the charts wonderful. I do love braised meat! Dessert was really tasty, and the foil of the creme fraiche went really nicely with the sweeter orange baklava.

Courtney and our server were personable and did a great job guiding us through the meal. Pete the chef came out at the end and got a well-deserved round of applause and shared a drink with us as well as some nice conversation.

It was a lovely evening filled with wonderful friends and great food!


Yo that chicken and lamb are pornographic!!

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I knew if I waited long enough @CurlzNJ and @heidicooksandbakes would say everything I would have said. Dinner was amazing, the people were wonderful, and we had a great time. My only quibble is that I didn’t get enough of the crispy bottom of the Tahdig.

This was my first visit to Burbelmaiers. It’s not the kind of place that would have ever been on my radar. I’m looking forward to trying everyone of their pies (and visiting the Queen in the loo).


Had a lovely date day with the Mrs. First we were possibly the last people in America to see The Avengers. We caught a 10:30 show so we had time afterwards to head south. We parked in Asbury to give the town $4 for parking and walked across the bridge, down New Jersey ave to Main. She had a veggie quiche special and I had a pork pie and we shared a lamb curry one. After eating we walked down to the beach before heading out again. I did sneak the lone remaining apple tart pictured below home for dessert just now.