Bun Mam Soc Trang, Oakland - closes

http://www.eastbayexpress.com/WhatTheFork/archives/2016/01/26/bun-mam-soc-trang-closes-suddenly-due-to-expired-lease I never had a chance to try this type of Vietnamese

Oh no! :frowning:

Thanks for posting this, but this is terrible news.

Yes, the odd occasion of the landlord saying, sorry, you’re too popular. I hope they find a new place.

I may never get to try the lauded bun mam at the eponymous Bun Mam Soc Trang in Oakand, as it suddenly closed recently. Here’s hoping it lands in Oakland Chinatown or some other BART-accessible location.

Both Mong Thu Cafe and Tuyet Mai in SF serve bun mam, although by all accounts inferior versions to what Bun Mam Soc Trang served. Of the two, I found Mong Thu’s fishier (which is the point) than Tuyet Mai’s.