Bulk spices in Westchester NY?

I need to make a rub for some pulled pork for this weekend and Costco fell short with ingredients. I usually order spices from Penzeys but I don’t have time for that now. I need bulk ground garlic, onion, and ginger, none of which Costco had yesterday. I was thinking Fairway but that is not even remotely convenient. Does anyone know of a place? I’d say along the Sprain from Yonkers on up. My pulled pork thanks you!

Surprised Costco fell short for you. Penzy’s at Grand Central is closed but I thought I saw their products at Whole Foods, Ridge Hill. You might want to search Bhavik in Elmsford, or Yaranoush, Central Park Ave., White Plains. Some Spanish markets carry bulk spices as well…

Thanks. I was surprised too. They only had dehydrated onion flakes instead of ground onion, which is what I need in this case. They were all out of garlic-- a fellow shopper and I scoured the aisle for it and it was all gone, despite a sign saying otherwise. And for ginger, they didn’t have ground ginger, only a squeezable tube of ginger paste. I did get black pepper and paprika, though.

I was looking for economy so I’m not sure Whole Foods is the way to go but you made me think that the Persian market next to the Persian restaurant in Elmsford may have it. I’ve gotten bulk spices there before.

There is a place on Central ave in Hartsdale called Yaranush that has bulk spices. Give them a call.



Shiraz on 119 also has a whole sale market next door to the restaurant

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I order spices on line from Marshallscreekspices.com He is located in Oceanside Long Island. I originally found him at a farmers market. Good stuff, wide selection.

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there is a penzeys in ct. at 197 westport ave. in norwalk - not far from stew leonards,perhaps a quick trip could be made

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Shiraz. Yes. That’s the place I was thinking. I will look at yaranush too.

Good to know there’s a Penzeys in CT. Unfortunately I definitely can’t get there before Saturday (the day I need it by).

I can’t remember if you have a Restaurant Depot membership (or access through a friend) but they have everything you’d need at great prices. I need to check out Yaranush, and also Bhavik - my Indian next door neighbor said she buys all of her ingredients at Bhavik. I don’t typically miss Queens but I sure do miss easy access to Patel Brothers!


Thanks everyone. I made two stops on 119, one at Bhavik and one at Shiraz’s store. I got the ground garlic and ground ginger but neither had ground onion. At Shiraz I also stocked up on barberries, sumac, zaatar, pomegranate molasses, and a couple other random things. Both stores are really great resources to have locally-- lots of specialty items. I’d never been to Bhavik before-- the people working there were lovely.


Trifecta :+1:
EDIT: Duh I somehow read Yaranush in there … SMH

Haha I considered going there too but there was a ton of traffic so I headed home!

They have that darn lane closed there - when I go for my mini bagels I always get stuck in it!