Buko pancit and/or pancit kilawin

Reading the Wikipedia entry on pancit (Filipino noodles), I noticed two interesting variations: buko pancit, where the noodles are replaced by strips of coconut, and pancit kilawin, where the noodles are replaced by strips of papaya.

Does anyone know anywhere that does either of these in the UK, preferably London or Glasgow? I’ve already Googled and come up blank. I know of a few Filipino restaurants in London where I can ask, but thought I’d check here too in case anyone has spotted them.

You can try phoning these guys who have a Filipino supermarket in Fulham:


Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestion! Yes, if I don’t manage to find any information anywhere else, I’ll start asking around among Filipino businesses in London, though I’ll probably start with restaurants rather than grocery shops.

(Edited to fix typo.)

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